Kolmannskuppe, by Isabelle Cheren …

Danisafira diesel made a video of Lairig Leacach …

Yany Oh has published a very comprehensive video of the 2019 Furillen revival …

Noirran Marx has made this video of North Brother Island …

north brother island

Tizzy Canucci has made several videos of our sims over the years. Here is her latest, from Chesapeake Bay …

Inara Pey made this wonderful video from Chesapeake Bay …

Chesapeake Bay

Noirran Marx has made two videos of recent sims, one from Chesapeake Bay …

chesapeake bay

… and the other from Rummu …


Erik Mondrian kindly sent us this video he had made at Black Bayou Lake as part of his MFA thesis:

Khodovarikha hasn’t been open long before the first video from the sim was posted on YouTube. It’s great to have such a detailed record:

Tizzy Canucci made one of the most memorable videos of Furillen with “The Constant Falling” (see below), and subsequently made this movie, based in Furillen City:

Another of Second Life’s most skilled movie makers is Pepa Cometa, and Furillen features in “Inner Journey”, which consists of an accomplished and imaginative mixing-together of still photographs and moving images:

Furillen in Second Life always lent itself well to video, as the following examples demonstrate.




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This video doesn’t exist




This video doesn’t exist




This video doesn’t exist
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