Ubay Island guestbook

The Ubay Island guestbook is located at the landing point. Your comments are appreciated!

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[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: always a pleasure to visit here! /Fifi Noel 2020-03-06
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Just as furilen, this is a wonderful sm. Well Done Serene. /helenacovet Resident 2020-03-06
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: beautiful but humbling, the perserverance of the people here. We in the West don’t understand how much of the world lives and how lucky we are. /Madoka Kawabata 2020-03-07
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: A fantastic job. Greeting sSusann DeCuir /Susann DeCuir 2020-03-07
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Congratulations on another wonderful idea perfectly executed! /Vivena Resident 2020-03-07
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Lovely sim. Greetings from Duchess Willow. /EnchantrixWillow Resident 2020-03-12
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Another adventure 🙂 thank you for your constant dreaming! Ame /inappropriatenickname Resident 2020-03-12
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: beautiful wonderful work, again! big fan of your sims ❤ /anandaheart Resident 2020-03-12
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Splendid illustration of the fact that there is hope and even joy inspite of disasters. Great work, Serene! /Mareea Farrasco 2020-03-14
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Mr and Mrs Lynch were here /Abraham Redinamus 2020-03-14
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: Thank you so much, Serene for another incredible build based a real life place, Its really wonderful. Mira Biedermann /Mirabelle Sweetwater 2020-03-30
[20:55] Ubay Island Guestbook: wow…I sat here for ages… so sad this happend in RL. very educational. A great tribute build. I hope you have another project on the horizons. Suzie Anderton /Suzie Anderton 2020-03-31

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