the furillen photography competition

The Furillen photography group was started on 12 October 2015. Since that time, the group has acquired 1476 images taken by 215 members. The standard is consistently high, and sometimes out of this world. More important, though, is the spirit of generosity that one sees in the comments, and feels among photographers who visit the sim. So we will have a contest, but a contest with a difference because it will (I hope) be infused with the community spirit that has been so characteristic of life at Furillen:

1. The contest will take place monthly, starting today.
2. Each entry to be based on a designated theme for that month.
3. One entry per person, eligibility is membership of this group.
4. Winner to be chosen democratically, through a vote organized by me using flickrmail, one vote per member of the group.
5. Two prizes: a) the winning picture will be displayed on the sim for the next month; and b) the winner gets to choose the next theme.

January’s theme is: solitude

Please tag your pictures with this theme, and the word ‘competition’.

Post them in the main Furillen group on Flickr, and also in the competition stream, which is here:

By all means tag several of your pictures this way during the month, just choose which you’d like to use by the closing date, which is SLT midnight on 31 January 2016.

I am looking forward to seeing what you lovely, talented people come up with.

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