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Furillen returned once again to the grid on 28 February 2022, as ‘Furillen in Spring’. Here are the reviews”

Furillen in Spring for 2022 in Second Life by Inara Pey

Simtipp: Furillen – Spring 2022 by Susann Decuir

There have been some excellent and informative blogs and reviews about Furillen from members of the Second Life community. Here are reviews of Furillen in 2019:

Furillen Revived 2019, by Kandinsky Beaumont (on Facebook)

The art of Serene Footman in Second Life, by Inara Pey

Furillen is back, by Dido Haas

Simtipp Update: Serene Footman’s Furillen is back, by Susann Decuir

Furillen Returns, by Tizzy Canucci

Simploring 2019 – Furillen, by Diomita and Jenny Maurer

Echt Virtuell – Furillen (2019)

The older reviews  – from 2015 onwards! – are linked below, in no particular order:

SL Newser – Battle of Hoth

Echt Virtuell – Endor

Echt Virtuell – Tatooine

Echt Virtuell – Hoth

Nørgaard’s Village Post

A Pilgrimage of Pixels – SL Enquirer

Echt Virtuell – Pink Floyd

When Pink Floyd eats your sim, by Inara Pey

Furillen Reopens, Windlight Magazine

Farewell to Furillen, by Tizzy Canucci

Spring in Furillen, by Ziki Questi


Winter’s Lifeless World, by Sol Existence

ClaireDiLuna Chevalier

Million Happy Endings, RiverPearl

Furillen ‘The Constant Falling’ by Tizzy Canucci

an interview with The Virtual Review


ideas and images of sophie lilali

Inara Pey – Living in a Modernworld

The Bergdorf Reports

Cait’s World

What the Huck?

Girl with a Virtual Camera

Ziki Questi’s Blog

Kara’s Corner

Eddi and Ryce

Plus belle la Second Life

Echt Virtuell

Heter Apmel

Second Life Travels by veemonthedemonking (video)

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