Contrasts at Digue

The Flickr stream for La Digue du Braek has reached almost 1000 images, posted by well over 200 members. I especially like the mix of styles the sim seems to have attracted – the beach side draws some beautifully tranquil shots from visitors, while the industrial section of the sim brings out a more edgy approach. The contrast is especially clear in this latest batch of highlights from the past ten days …


Kelly & Gracie

Hey, come see hehehe

*Sometimes I wanna give you up,Sometimes I want to leave you alone,Sometimes I want to run away..



Aroused Magazine

La Dique du Braek 72

You're not alone....

... it's never too late to shoot for the stars ...

Hallelujah Morning

pillbox at digue (new)

Echo's answer


"Sunday morning."

seagull at digue

Containers at La Digue du Braek

La Dique du Braek 42


La Dique du Braek

Last one

The Visitor.


La digue du braek


...The deep vast emptiness

The Dunes

#53 Happiness is like a butterfly




Digue at night #tableforOne

I'm On a Boat

Twilight of the Giants

No trespassing

Loneliness 1

Maison du pendu loon-plage



Don't forget me

I made a friend today

Almost a dream

Elegant contrast

The view is.....

...Favourite place

Pillbox at Digue


Pillbox. The name, from the shape (often circular in plan and roughly suggesting a ships conning tower) for the German Ferro-concrete small battlefield-redoubts or forts, employed from the autumn of 1917 onwards to defend sections of the line in Flanders. Some of the larger were Quadragular in shape.

It seems that I’m not the only person who finds the pillbox interesting. There is a Pillbox Study Group and copious books on the subject. This photo essay dedicated to British pillboxes from the Second World War is rather good, and this website carries some beautiful images.

Pillboxes are poignant, evocative, deathly places. There is a new one at La Digue du Braek. Like the old house – Maison du pendu loon-plage – which I built last week, I hope that the structure echoes the spirit of this place in real life.

Maison du pendu loon-plage


The gutted, roofless building that stands on the beach at La Digue du Braek looks to all intents and purposes like an abandoned house, but there is a more complicated mythology behind it.

There are a number of stories about the house. One especially poignant myth is that the house was being built in 1940 for a couple, but in May or June of that year the wife was killed during the Battle of Dunkirk. Her despairing widower then hanged himself at the house, which has stood empty ever since. The house is nicknamed the ‘hangman’, and amidst local legend that the place is haunted, a noose still hangs inside …

It would seem that the truth, however, is altogether more mundane … albeit still colourful. An old woman, Madame Dufour, was building the house but ran out of money, and it was never finished. In the years since she died, materials from the building – such as the roof – have been stolen, changing its appearance and adding to its ruined look. The building is sometimes referred to as the ‘house of madness’ on account of the belief that Madame Dufour was insane.

Maison du pendu loon-plage also featured in the 1986 movie, Le Passage, starring Alain Delon. Here is a clip from it – the house appears after around 25 seconds …

I spent a few hours today building a reproduction of the house, and it can now be seen at La Digue du Braek in Second Life. I hope that its presence there enriches the sim and deepens its connections with the real location …


Postcards from Furillen

The Flickr group for Furillen reached a mind-blowing 8500 pictures yesterday, posted by almost 700 members. The group has built up over a 15 month period – the first picture was posted to the group on 12 October 2015. Just spend some time scrolling back through the pages and you’ll see how good much of the photography has been – and it still goes on.

Here are some highlights from the past week …

The Lookout

Sensations1 Temptations.....Tentaciones....deben volar!

Furillen with cat


Sometimes your scars have a lot less to do with where you've been and a lot more to do with where you're going

Freeze Frame


::I don't believe in failure Cause I know the smallest voices They can make it major::



Bikes and  Birds

Dawn in Furillen

Furillen. Sunrise on the pond


Chairs - Symmetry

Lightening My Day

friendship <3

The Comfort of Furillen

Furillen Gang


Lover, You Should've Come Over

Chairs - The three bows



Furillen 2.0

pool side

Choices.. at Furillen

Do you really belong here?

In an afternoon

Glimpses of Summer



It takes a lot to give, to ask for help

Frenchy and Magic talk about dirty pans.

Beautiful Creatures of Furillen



Pergola on the hill

I’ve been spending spare time over the past week making small refinements at the sim – lowering the hill next to the gallery, raising the level of the swimming pool, and changing the line of colourful chairs once or twice (see more on the chairs below). But I’m especially pleased with this new Pergola-type structure which I put together yesterday …


I had seen this in the distance in one or two pictures, but never close up enough until I found this video …

… and in particular, this frame …


I haven’t a clue what this is or was in RL, but I like it up there on the hill.

As for those chairs … a word of explanation. First, they do (or did) exist in RL, they are not – as some people thought – a figment of my imagination. Here they are …


Second, I previously placed them on the pier because I thought they looked good there …  and they were photographed a lot …

Furillen 6


Furillen People

However, as great as those chairs could look, they were notoriously difficult to ‘catch’ because of a seemingly unstable LOD (level of detail); indeed, I had more questions about this from visitors than almost anything else.

So once I’d moved the chairs to their ‘right’ place next to the airstream … and given that the previous line of chairs had been photographed … well, to death, really … I decided to rotate different sets of chairs. So we began with this line of plastic chairs last Sunday …


The watcher

Stand in line

… and then I reverted to these …

pergola 1_003.jpg

I’ll be changing them again very soon. If you have any recommendations, please get in touch.