Chesapeake Bay Guestbook

The Chesapeake Bay guestbook is located on the terrace of the old shack, right here …

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[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 1: (2019-02-03 06:00) Serene Footman: ‘Welcome to Chesapeake Bay – we hope you like it here, your comments are much appreciated! Serene and Jade’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 2: (2019-02-09 18:12) Micky Siamendes: ‘What a pleasure to find another of your great sims right after Rummu has gone. Thank you for the backround info on your blog and for sharing this great place with us. I already love it!’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 3: (2019-02-11 11:54) carton Bristol: ‘again, you make both us follow you in a great trip.great : a place where i’ll hunt. thanks !! ok i keep this pen with me, as souvenir.’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 4: (2019-02-13 23:50) Hanzworld Resident: ‘A beautiful sim! Well done to all who created it!’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 5: (2019-02-14 18:30) darlinbaby Philly: ‘Thank you again for creating such a great place for us to come and visit… Can’t wait to see once again what comes next…..’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 6: (2019-02-15 02:05) Niko78 Hax: ‘Ciao da Niko’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 7: (2019-02-15 02:06) Luna Oskar: ‘sooo beautiful’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 8: (2019-02-15 14:53) Milena Darkwatch: ‘and again i am saying Thank You Jade and Serene for the great place creadreamingted. Hoping and can’t to see what comes next… your sims always are a place to feel freedom and dreaming too..hugsss… Milly’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 9: (2019-02-16 15:35) Maryse Teichmann: ‘Verynice place for pictures.
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 10: (2019-02-16 19:33) IleniaMoon Resident: ‘its soooo beautyful sim ty’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 11: (2019-02-17 12:32) Electric Monday: ‘Tangier Island: too bad global warming is real and they’relosing it – Glad you’re bringing awareness to others who may have blinders on – hopefully they know you always show something real here in your SL way… thank you for your work – ♥ Electric’
[06:26] Chesapeake Bay Guestbook: 12: (2019-02-17 21:04) megscandles Resident: ‘Beautiful sim of the Bay…Megs Candles’