The Meaning of Furillen

by Carolyn

It is very hard to put things in words, single image. Life has a lot of colors, but shades of gray also, and mainly the life is composed with these shadows. Shadows of our own lifes, but with shadows of people which we know, in our family, our friends, or just shadows of places and people who lived in this places. The Furillen is a place which was made “as a challenge to ‘make’ a sim that – in material terms – looked a bit like the real Furillen and was inspired by articles”. These words of Serene Footman, creator and owner of this SIM changed with just a few weeks of the existence of this place. Soon, this place became social, artistic and very creative place. Everyone who came here have found own story. Sometimes just a picture, sometimes have found a nice things around, sometimes new friends, or maybe… inspirations. I found here all of it, same as one thought more… Very often we forget that the places we visit have their own stories, stories which are hidden behind shadows, even our own shadows which we see on pictures later, reviewing family albums. We dont see people who made this place, probably we dont feel them and dont see their shadows, but we surrender to the climate which they have created and we continue to create them. With life chasing us forward we do not delve into what we see. Furillen in SL reminded me and still reminds me it …

PS.(IMPORTANT) Rules of flickr made that this movie is cut, cause it is … too long (clip has more than 3 minutes), so… not my fault 😉 here is a full version :…

What Furillen means to me

'What Furillen means to me’.

by pup


'What Furillen means to me’.

“to leave the burdens and drama behind”


'What Furillen means to me’.



'What Furillen means to me’.

“the iron crane”


'What Furillen means to me’.

“to relax, to unwind”


'What Furillen means to me’.

“laws still have to be obeyed”


'What Furillen means to me’.

“time to think”


'What Furillen means to me’.

“turning something into art”


'What Furillen means to me’.



'What Furillen means to me’.

“friends and conversation at the end of the day”


'What Furillen means to me'

“quiet time reading and listening to music before bed”

The Meaning of Furillen: A Fairy Tale Told in Images and Text

by Blip Mumfuzz

My entry for Round Three of the Competition. There is a story that goes along with the images. If you intend to read the text (which I hope you’ll do) I recommend you read each part in order. They are numbered one through six. Enjoy!

Furillen. A Fairy Tale Told in Images and Text, Part 1.


Eir (2016) A Soul’s Journey Between the Etheric and Astral Planes by Way of the Second Life Sim Furillen. Journal of Real World Studies. 3692 (1). 73-85.

About the Author

Eir is a Valkyrie of Asgard who dwells with Freya and her sister goddesses in Vingolf.


In October 2015 a previously unknown entity called “The Janitor” imagined into existence a virtual analog of the island of Furillen(1). This event occurred within a virtual world called Second Life(2). Within a week of that event the soul of a human girl who died on Furillen incarnated into the avatar of a visitor to the virtual Furellin in Second life (hereafter SL Furillen).

The girl, Lilly, died in 1361 in the aftermath of the Danish conquest of Gotland. Following her death, her soul become “stuck” in the etheric plane and was unable to embark on its journey through the afterlife.

Soon after SL Furillen opened an avatar named Blip Mumfuzz arrived for a visit. The moment Mumfuzz appeared Lilly’s soul incarnated into Mumfuzz’s virtual body (aka avatar). And there they both dwelt together — unbeknownst to Mumfuzz — until I separated the two and sent Lilly on her way.

Note 1: The Real World Island of Furillen has been under Asgard’s spiritual jurisdiction since the end of the Lemurian Age.

Note 2: A virtual world is a technology-mediated realm that exists between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Furillen. A Fairy Tale Told in Images and Text, Part 2


“I couldn’t remember anything for so long. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t even remember who I was. I was just walking in a forest looking and looking and looking and I didn’t know what I was looking for. I just knew I had to keep looking.

Then I woke up and remembered everything.

A message came to our village from Visby that said King Valdemar was going to attack Gotland. All the men and older boys went to fight, including my father and my brothers Aldi and Halldo. Before they left my father told me to protect our farm and my mother and younger sister and I promised I would.

We did what you always do…post lookouts. Keep smoke down. Make arrows. Then my uncle came back. He was hurt badly. An arrow went into his shoulder and couple of his fingers were gone. He said they had all gone to Masterby to get ready for battle. But the Danes attacked by surprise and nearly everyone was killed. A thousand Gotlanders were killed! I knew so many of them. He said King Valdemar himself led the attack!

He said everyone had to leave the village because Danish soldiers were marauding the countryside. So we fled to Furillen where we made a camp and hid in the forest. But after a few days they found us.

When they came into our camp they laughed when they saw us ready to fight. Then Merika put an arrow into one and they stopped laughing. It didn’t hurt him too bad because of his leather mail, and she wasn’t that strong. But when he tried to pull it out Britte killed him by putting a second arrow in his neck. Then they went crazy.

I tried my best. I truly did. A few got away but everybody else was taken or killed.

And that was that.”

Furillen. A Fairy Tale Told in Images and Text, Part 3.


“I was a heavy equipment operator at the limestone quarry for forty-three years. You know…pit loaders, bucket loaders. The big haul trucks. I also was certified to operate the shipping loader. Then the air force came in and the quarries were closed. I was OK because I was close to retirement anyway. Felt bad for the younger guys.

We were constructing a multi-story building. I was on second shift, operating an excavator when I noticed something in the dirt and got out to take a look. It was part of a skeleton.

I notified the shift supervisor and he stopped work. A forensic team drove down from Visby and they said it was the skeleton of a girl and that it was really old. Then a team of scientists from the University in Stockholm came out to investigate and it turned out to be an important historical discovery.

I got my name in the paper! That hadn’t happened since the birth of my daughter…oh and that incident with…um…..never mind…what was your question?

* * * * *

What does Furillen mean to me? Well I never really thought about it before. It meant that I could support my family so I guess it means a lot.”

Furillen. A Fairy Tale in Images and Text, Part 4.


“I would sit on the bench under that wild windswept tree on top of one of the hills and look across the broad flat plain and beyond the plain to the sea. I would sit on that bench and remember.

The first thing I remembered was my name. Then I remembered what happened at the end when I was killed.

Eventually I remembered everything. From the smallest details of my life–even what it felt like to be born–which no-one remembers when they are alive in a physical body. And I could also see things I never ever saw before…was not even capable of seeing before my body died. Like how the little people of the etheric plane shape and nurture all life. Or the powerful beings who move the continents and push up the mountains. I can see those things now…and so much more.

I still don’t remember very much about the time between when I died and when I woke up here with Blip. OMG Blip!!! I wish I could thank her!!!

I don’t have access to the UI so I can’t send her an IM or give her a notecard. I know! I’ll write a message in the snow. She won’t understand it…she probably won’t even see it. But I’ve learned that all actions, especially those performed with intent, make an impression and send ripples through all the many planes of existence…and we all feel those ripples even if we aren’t able to acknowledge them consciously.

* * * *

What does Furillen mean to me? I will never forget the time I spent here in Second Life on Furillen. Its austere beauty. The sense of space and openness. Of place. After 700 hundred years of looking I finally found what I was looking for. That’s what it means.

OK…gotta go. A friend is going to help me get to the next place I have to go. I came in through a window. Hopefully I get to leave through a door!

Furillen. A Fairy Tale in Images and Text, Part 5.


Excerpt from a workshop presentation delivered by Eir at the 2016 Real World Studies Conference held at the University of Asgard.

[Applause} Thank you very much. Thank you. I’ll take questions now.


Q: When did you first become aware that Lilly’s soul had incarnated at Virtual Furillen?

After her physical death in 1361 she remained in the vicinity of Real World Furillen, but over time she drifted further and further away. Then in 1972, her remains were discovered at a construction dig on the island. When that happened she…her soul…was drawn back to Furillen. And as I discussed earlier, she was later drawn into Virtual Furillen and incarnated into Mumfuzz’s avatar.

Fast forward to October 2015. A report landed in my inbox about a lost soul. Normally this would have gone to Njorun, but she was out. I read it and decided to look into the matter…I am the Goddess of Healing after all!

When I arrived I immediately sensed that something unusual was happening–an avatar had continued its existence after its human being had “logged out”. There is no known instance where a Second Life avatar remained in-world after the Real World person had logged out…and it is, in reality, technically impossible, at least on that plane of existence. Nevertheless this is exactly what I sensed.

Specifically, the human entity behind Mumfuzz was gone, but the soul of Lilly remained embodied in Mumfuzz’s avatar. Lilly/Mumfuzz would wander the sim for hours…days, until Blip re-logged and Lilly would fade into the background.

Another question? Yes…Skadi.

Q: Would you describe how you separated Lilly from Mumfuzz?

That turned out to be surprisingly easy and was all about timing. In Second Life, when the animating entity withdraws to the Real World, there is a moment when the avatar is still present in-world but is no longer occupied by that consciousness. In that moment, before the viewer program closed completely, I simply reached in, grabbed Lilly under her arms, and pulled her out.

* * * * *

Let me conclude by saying that there is layer upon layer of meaning at work here. Meaning related to place, actions taken, actions not taken, meaning in the various convergences…you know the list. We’re all immortal Gods and Goddesses…meaning is the currency of our spiritual economy. Anyway…I’m being told we’ve run out of time. Thank you!


Oh…can you all please fill out the workshop evaluation form? They are on the table by the door. Thanks.

Furillen. A Fairy Tale Told In Images and Text, Part 6.


“You expect me to believe that? The soul of a person who had been dead 700 years? You better believe if someone was inside my head I’d know about it. Jeez. Where do they come up with this crap?

What about you Janitor. You’re looking very serious over there. Do you believe it?

* * * * *

What does Furillen mean to me? It means I got to meet and hang out with The Janitor! How cool is that?

Hey. Can I bum a cigarette? Thanks!


As I write this the snow has melted and a warm spring rain falls over Furillen.

First, I would like thank Serene Footman for his beautiful creation. Furillen has become a magnet for photographers from all across the grid and is a place many of us return to again and again to think and reflect, meet old and new friends, and sometimes, to dance our asses off. I’d would also like to thank him for encouraging me with my creative endeavors. It was he who first suggested I add text to my images, and for better or worse I have done just that.

Second, I’d like to thank Eir, that awe-inspiring Goddess who appeared to me in a dream and told me about Lilly and my part in freeing her after all those lost and lonely centuries. I did not so much write this tale as transcribe it. She also promised to personally escort me through the door when my time comes to cross that threshold (though I have to say I’m in no hurry!).

Finally, and most of all, I’d like to thank Lilly, that beautiful sweet soul whose bravery and sacrifice helped at least a few of her fellow Gotlanders to escape and survive those terrible events of so long ago. I feel her presence within me even now and can’t wait to finally meet her and sit together, in spirit, on that bench under the crazy tree with a view across the broad plain to the sea.


Solitude: The Meaning of Furillen

by Tizzy Canucci

Why Solitude, when there are so many people always there?

It is a melancholic place for me. Melancholia is an emotion a step away from sadness or loneliness – it is a peacefulness, a serenity, a seeking of pleasure in calm – and something of an inwardness – a solitude that is not necessarily lonely.

And while I gather my material at Furillen amongst others, the process of writing and movie-making are essentially solitary ones, of expressing one’s head. And there is the practical issue – film editing and sl are both graphics heavy tasks that are all but impossible for my computer to cope with at the same time.

The film editor Walter Murch claims in his book that when editing, at least 51% of it should be emotion… with story and rhythm and technical aspects all being less than half. Furillen means to me – the place where I could – and did – really put that into effect. It is a place for exploration within, because the space is so sparce. A place where expressing yourself through creativity is valued as much as through talking – but without obligation or pressure.

But Furillen is also melancholic in another way – it tempts you back. I never intended to make Solitude. I felt it was time to move onto another place and another challenge, because I never like to stay in one place too long. I had another poem and another city lined up. Yet, the words and the rain arrived together within 12 hours of each other, and it had to be.

So, this is the meaning of Furillen to me… a personal thing rather than trying to summarise or analyse its possible meaning to others or some inherent meaning as a space. And in the album is life, colour, melancholia, discovery, peacefulness and memories.

On Water's Edge

“On Water’s Edge”

Black Sea, Empty Seat

“Black Sea, Empty Seat””

Oil and Broken Legs

“Oil and Broken Legs”

SaveMe Oh’s unique style of performance art staged at Serene Footman’s Furillen in Second Life. Serene set up Furillen as a space for things to happen – like a prepared canvas – and has successfully attracted many artists making a variety of work, as well as generating spontaneous events. Location: of Life/138/122/21 (requires a Second Life viewer and an account).

Music: Anime Overture (The Antti Jädertpolm Quartet) / CC BY-NC-SA

Furillen Panoramic

“Furillen Panoramic”

The Furillen Five

“The Furillen Five”


Furillen round-up

It has been an eventful few days at Furillen.

First: The rain went away, returned and went away again – and you can expect more ‘intermittent showers’ this week. I enjoy having changeable weather on the sim, and will work on more variations during the coming weeks.

weather mixed gif

Second: We have a competition winner – an album of photographs put together by Cindering Blocks. As I explained in the IM sent around to the group inworld, although this was a very strong field, three of the four judges had this album in 1st or joint 1st place, so it is a decisive winner. We admired the quality of the photographs in their own right, as well as the thematic coherence of the album as a whole.

I found all eleven entries very strong, and will be publishing each one as a blog post – at a rate of two per day – for the remainder of this week. Please note that the order they are being published in is simply the order in which they appear in the competition Flickr stream. We didn’t rank the other entries, and none is implied by this ordering. So …

don't be suspicious

I have already settled on a format for the next round, and will be announcing this later on. As I said in another post, while competitions are not for everyone, they provide a focus and challenge that some people enjoy – and there are plenty of other ways to be creative at Furillen.

So let’s not get too precious with ourselves …

art tears

Third: We had our Abba event. We yelped to Dancing Queen, sobbed (with Micky) to SOS, and enjoyed some of the more obscure ‘B-sides’ in Abba’s back catalogue (although Mamma Mia has rendered many of these a lot less obscure).

As for the event itself, the sim was full the whole time and several people couldn’t get in at all. And the costumes? These pictures surely speak for themselves.

ᗅᗺᗷᗅmania @ Furillen

Panic ensued when the spheroid aliens attacked.

ᗅᗺᗷᗅmania @ Furillen

ᗅᗺᗷᗅmania @ Furillen

Fourth: Furillen has a wheel.

furillen's wheel

That’s right.

A wheel.

ferris wheel éléctrique @furillen

And it actually works.

Half wheel @furillen

I thought I might be able to say something interesting about the name ‘Ferris wheel’ here but that turns out to be incredibly boring.

boring gif

So, instead, I’ll say that what I enjoy most about these contraptions is their utter pointlessness.

pointless gif

Ferris wheels don’t even make good metaphors. You don’t agree? Try this …

Life is like a ferris wheel…sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

… I mean, seriously?

Or …

Hope is a Ferris wheel-
It takes Low and High;
And when you reach the Top,
It’s like you can touch The Sky!

… which made me feel a bit like this …

clint gif

… and prompts me to ask whether there is something about the shape of a wheel that encourages such horse shit.

horse shit

But it’s Monday. You have more important things to do.

La Rouε Tournε @ Furillen

See you on the wheel.

Circles. Ups and downs

the meaning of Furillen

On 8 February 2016 I announced the rules for Round 3 of the Furillen Photography Competition. The final entries were submitted on 4 March 2016.

The brief was simple, but demanding: make an album, using photographs and/or any other media, about the ‘meaning of Furillen’. This meaning could be personal, historical, fact or fiction, so the album could contain material from both first and second life.

I did not expect many entries. We received eleven, which is actually more than I had anticipated. And they are all of an extremely high standard. There is a real mixture here, which will make the judging process quite tough.

I have asked three people to join me on the panel: KT Syakumi, Dooozy and Senna. They bring different skills and perspectives to the task; they all have strong connections to the sim without being directly involved with the competition or its entrants; and they are all independent-minded and very serious about their work.

I hope to announce the result tomorrow, 6 March 2016.

I keep insisting that the competition is ‘only for fun’. What I mean by that is that it is not terribly competitive: there is no big prize, but merely (?) the satisfaction of having one’s efforts recognised.

What I keep seeing in the entries is not so much fun, as commitment. Having been through each one, all I can say is that this is quite exceptional work right across the board. Some of it is very touching – if ever I needed to justify the time I put into making and maintaining the sim, it is here.

To all of the entrants: a huge thankyou for your time and skill, your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to communicate what in some cases is quite a personal message about the sim and your relationship with it.

I think it is fitting that all entries should be showcased on this blog, and I intend to do this during the next week, publishing several entries per day until we are through them all.

If you can’t wait, you can see the entries here.