Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus

Today is International Dawn Chorus Day, and I hope you find time to celebrate it in one way or another.

Furillen closed this morning, and I am closing the inworld group.

I am not leaving SL – I will continue to be interested in what creative things people do there, and will continue supporting their activities as much as I can.

As for my own creative ventures, besides making pictures, I may continue hosting some music events over the next months, and will return in October with a new sim, which I have been planning for the past six months.

This blog will change name, but I will continue posting on music, things around the grid, and whatever else I find amusing. I am sure that few of you will read it, but it has always been like a diary to me, and I see no reason to change that.

So – happy International Dawn Chorus Day to all. Now listen to this, I imagine it will be on Radiohead’s LP9 quite soon …

What is art?

by Micky Siamendes


I have run into this question many times in my life. And I haven’t found a universally valid answer to it yet. I have been to exhibitions that made me go “wow, that’s amazing!” and I have seen others (like gallons of spilled stinky motoroil on the floor) that made me and probably always will make me go “WTF?!” Same thing when it comes to music – there are musicians that really get me and I consider them fantastic artists and others that make me wanna plug my ears and run away screaming. I have seen movies that touched me deeply and others that just made me shrug and wonder what they really are about although they have been showered with awards.


In German there is a saying: “Kunst kommt von können.” Basically it means that the word “art” derives from the word for “being capable of doing something, having the skills to do something”, the German word origin actually is like that. Some “operas” I have seen truly made me wonder what other capability than splashing some paint on a canvas or triggering the camera release the artist would have. And I am sure that there are a lot of so called “artists” out there who just have a good laugh at the people standing in awe in front of their works that they actually didn’t put any artistic thought or effort into at all.


US artist Cynthia Albritton “Plaster Caster” with a plaster cast of Jimi Hendrix’ penis. Her exhibition “Penis Dimension” with 25 penis exhibits has been discussed quite controversal (uhm really wondering why?)



45-year-old Mike Drake has been doing something bizarre in the name of art for over a decade – he’s been collecting all his fingernail clippings, stuffing them in paperweights, and selling them for $300 to $500 a piece! (Yuck, seriously?!)



Like many other animal lovers, Dutch artist Bart Jansen found it hard to part with his pet cat, Orville, after he was hit by a car. So he decided to turn the dead feline into a unique piece of artwork called the Orvillecopter. (Alright, call the guys with the straitjacket!)


Yep, some things will definitely just make me flip the bird forever! Even if the artist’s name is Joseph Beuys and the “masterpieces” are worth millions:




Is this art or can it be removed?



The cleaning staff removed this art installation in an Italian museum, thinking it was leftovers of a heavy party night.


On the other hand I am also sure that many artists have an approach that is just only entirely different from mine. A different way of thinking, a different way of looking at things, a different way of perception, a different way of expressing themselves. What seems to be easy to achieve for me may be a huge effort or great achievement for others. Some skills I have that seem to be just part of me or natural to me, others would love to have them (so I’ve been told) or they have to work hard to achieve them. Some things I look at as ordinary and uninspiring to other’s may be special enough to use them for an artwork.

The definition of art is something personal I think. What someone considers art is determined by their own capabilities, by their taste, by their sense of aesthetics and beauty, by their education, maybe even by their dreams, wishes, desires. Art like beauty for me is in the eye of the beholder.

So is art on Furillen. When I scroll through the Flickr group site and look at all the pictures and movies there, there are some that capture my eye instantly and others that make me think “yeah well, ok, another snapshot”. But I also have noticed that I change my way of looking at works once I get to know the people behind them.

So basically I think the main thing is to keep an open mind for everything ranging outside our usual horizon, and that goes for about anything in life. We don’t need to like it all but we should just give things the space they deserve.

Reminds me of the saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” which surely has some truth in it.


So – let’s keep the magic of Furillen alive and encourage and inspire each other! And I sure hope that “Bar Café Fabriken” will be a place where a lot of magic happens.



video of the day

This won’t be a regular slot, but who can resist this as a celebration of everything that makes Furillen ‘fit together’ as a sim. Made by Dooozy, I think it’s brilliant.

The meaning of Furillen: an album

by ∞ √allys ∞


I would like to explain something…

No no! I don’t live in Furillen on SL, I have my own peace of heaven too, as I go to other places.

So, Furillen is and remains one of the places that I love for so many reasons that are personal to me.

When I love, I love, when I hate, I hate … No half measures in my virtual life as in my real life, for place or people. Neither false pretenses. I go where I feel good and that’s the main 😉 Essential for me, not for “you” :p

Good to be what you are, and don’t to be what want’s other of “you”… Seriously, Think it if “you” have not this mind. Sometimes, i think people forget it. Here and RL. Just say it.

So thank you to everyone that I can also cross my way at Furillen.


Wild Calm@ Furillen

“Wild calm”


Freedom Spirit @ Furillen

“Freedom spirit”


Simplicity, Laughter & Discussions @ Furillen

“Simplicity, laughter and discussions”


thε 5th εlεmεnt @ Furillen

“The 5th element”


For All Citizens of World(s) @ Furillen

“For all citizens of world(s)”


Wild Naturε Callεd Naturε Wild *2 @ Furillen

“Wild nature called nature wild *2”


~ εxprεssion  ~ *276 @Furillen



gryning på Furillen

“gryning på Furillen”


Naturε Wild @Furillen

“Nature wild”


Happy Hour @Furillen

“Happy hour”

The meaning of Furillen: an album

by Laura


Furillen is a place to meet people, to talk, to laugh and most of all, for me to take pictures. My love for lines and minimalistic pictures – both in RL and SL – has always been important. The combination of nature with buildings or objects is something I like to show too. And of course.. black/white photos. That’s why my album represents lines & curves, using nature and objects.. which are all over Furillen.


Just for fun

“Just for fun”














Trees in line

“Trees in line”





The trees at Furillen

“The trees at Furillen”


Seamless & Here

“Seamless & here”





Distance control

“Distance control”

Window to the soul – an album

Window To The Soul

by Mellow


What is Furillen to me?

Furillen is a place where I come to relax, wander and think.

There I can find the peace I need to let my mind

dwelve within myself, meditate, reflect on life.

For me, the beauty of this place resides mainly in its simplicity.

The vastness leaves a lot of space for thoughts, or words

if you come across another wandering soul 🙂

So Furillen is like a window that somehow

helps to put things in perspective and see more clearly…

And to make sure your ears don’t get bored, I added a tune to each picture of the album (although Furillen already has the perfect music stream).



I got to know the sky but it didn't know me

“I got to know the sky but it didn’t know me”



By the sea

“By the sea”



Modern Soul

“Modern soul”



Today, we escape

“Today, we escape”



No Words Needed

“No words needed”



Everything I feel returns to you somehow

“Everything I feel returns to you somehow”







Enjoy the Silence

“Enjoy the silence”



The Old Man And The Sea

“The old man and the sea”



Right where it starts and ends

“Right where is starts and ends”



Lost in Thoughts

“Lost in thoughts”


The meaning of Furillen: inner calm

by Pepa Cometa


The trees of Furillen

“The trees of Furillen”





The spectacle

“Golden Furillen: the spectacle”


Furillen is a mirror

“Furillen is a mirror”


New light, new life. Furillen.

“New light, new life”


A light on my thougths

“A light on my thoughts”


Furillen is my refuge

“Furillen is my refuge”


The peace of Furillen

“The peace of Furillen”


Solitary path

“Solitary path”


The open door.

“The open door”


Empty chairs

“Empty chairs”


Blue wind

“Blue wind”


The single note

“Single note”


The man watching the sea. Serene Footman

“The man watching the sea”


The  "not time" place

“Furillen is my wish: the ‘not time’ place”


White rain at Furillen

“White rain at Furillen”


Birds, friends and rain at Furillen

“Birds, friends and rain at Furillen”