Furillen At Its Best

INVITATION  - "Furillen At Its Best"

Mareea Farrasco has put together a really impressive collection of pictures that have been taken at Furillen since it first opened in October 2015. As you know, the sim has been blessed with an extraordinarily active and talented Flickr group, which now boasts over 6100 images in total.

Selecting from these wasn’t easy, but Mareea has done a great job.

The exhibition will be held at the IMAGO Art Gallery, starting with a party on Sunday 19 June at midday SLT. There will be a selection of music from past events at the sim, especially from Bowie, Radiohead, Abba, Prince, Grease and the disco night.

Talking of Radiohead, I have something small planned for this coming Friday, 17 June, at Furillen itself. Keep an eye out for details if you’re a Radiohead geek.

Furillen round-up

I’ve been hugely busy in first life recently and unable to say much on this blog – no doubt you are all thankful for this! With another complicated week ahead, I’ll be brief with this round-up of Furillen news.

First: the beach party came and went, with a great set-up put together by Micky and yours truly trying out Virtual DJ for the first time. It was a surreal event, with Scandinavian palm trees and cats in rubber duck swimming rings …

Kitty goes beach ;)

Second: we nominated three winners of Round 5 of the Furillen Photography Competition. You can see their pictures upstairs in the gallery of Bar Cafe Fabriken. Congratulations to them!


Third: mark down 2100 CEST this Friday, 29 April, in your diaries as our first regular blues night at Fabriken. This ad says it all …

furillen gets the blues

Finally: mark down 2100 CEST  this Saturday, 30 April, in your diaries as the moment we’ll be turning Furillen purple in honour of Prince …


I’ll be providing the playlist and taking requests before and during the event for your favourite Prince tunes. In addition, a slideshow of pictures spanning the career of this incredible musician will be installed on the sim – along with one or two bits and pieces of Princely stuff.

prince gif

In anticipation, I’ll leave you with this little acoustic gem …