Floyd @ Furillen – pictures of the day: 10/7/16

Hammers walk

“Hammers walk”

by Laura


The Great Gig in the Sky

“The Great Gig in the Sky”

by Mareea Farrasco



“We don’t need no Education!”

by Miles Cantelou


jala floyd pic

“Waiting for the Worms”

by Jala in all her moods….


Everyone Loves the Floyd

“Everyone Loves the Floyd”

by Cherise Abonwood




by *~~~Amanda~~~*


Poppy field at Furillen

“Poppy field at Furillen”

by Laura



“Dark Side of the Moon”

by ♥ Alexa Edenflower ♥


jala giraffe floyd

“God Wants Giraffes”

by Jala in all her moods….


Shades Of Floyd - The Pink Floyd 'Animals' Installation at Furillen

“Shades Of Floyd – The Pink Floyd ‘Animals’ Installation at Furillen”

by Blues Rocker


Pigs On The Wall @Furillen

“Pigs On The Wall @ Furillen”

by cocolinox decuir


Hey You

“Hey You”

by Peep Sideshow Darkward


The Wall

“The Wall @ Furillen”

by Vrir Resident



Floyd @ Furillen – pictures of the day: 9/7/16

During big events the sim acts as a magnet for some of the best photographers on the grid. With this in mind, I’ll publish several pictures of the day: choosing one is simply too difficult. So, here is the first batch of wonderful images of the sim in its Floydian clothing. The event has been very busy since it opened last night, but if you haven’t dropped by yet, I hope these pictures will encourage you to do so …


Lost for Words [keep talking]

“Lost for Words [keep talking]”

by Peep Sideshow Darkward


Pink Floyd in the air

“Pink Floyd in the air”

by Pepa Cometa


@ Furillen


by Nime Daviau


A Momentary Lapse of Reason

“A Momentary Lapse of Reason”

by Laura



“colours at Furillen”

by Magic Marker


Let´s get psychedelics

“Let´s get psychedelics”

by Mareea Farrasco


Cow Art

“Cow Art”

Mr S. is looking at you


Hey you

“Hey you”

by Pete Sunny




by Miles Cantelou



Pink Floyd ate my sim

pink floyd furillen

Furillen is still recognisable this weekend …. but only just. I enjoy transforming the sim for events – the Bowie and Radiohead weekends will always be highlights for me of the sim’s first six months – but this one really did get out of hand.

As I finally set out the Pink Floyd material that had been gathering on my platform for the past few weeks, it was carnage as some of Furillen’s biggest landmarks were hoovered up into my inventory. When this is over, I’ll be taking full advantage of the option to ‘restore to last position’ …

the world is broken gif

Anyway, having promised some surprises, I think we delivered. Here’s a quick run down of what you can see at Furillen this weekend:

  • a land texture based on The Wall;
  • a giant rotating CD from that album, which is where you’ll land;
  • a giant wall, based on that famous tour;
  • Battersea power station and the pig (from the cover of the Animals album);
  • a giant cow, from the cover of Atom Heart Mother;
  • a field of poppies, as featured on the artwork of Floyd’s anti-war album, The Final Cut;
  • beds – many, many, many beds, stretching as far as your viewer can see – based on the cover of A Momentary Lapse of Reason;
  • a flock of sheep – with dogs – to commemorate this song;
  • a giant pyramid, modelled on The Dark Side of the Moon;
  • two huge eyes (with planet inserts), as featured on the artwork of Floyd’s live album, Pulse;
  • the hammers that you’ll see on The Hammer March, from The Wall;
  • those fantastic heads, from The Division Bell;
  • some elephants, referencing Syd Barrett’s weird and wonderful Effervescing Elephant;
  • a giraffe, because ‘God wants Giraffes’, according to Roger Waters in What God Wants;
  • a 13 hour playlist featuring every studio album made by Pink Floyd, in chronological order;
  • two slide shows, featuring around 800 – yes, eight hundred – pictures.

This was fun, a labour of love, and I’m really pleased with how the sim looks. Credit – and huge thanks – must go to Mareea Farrasco, who helped in innumerable ways with the planning for this, and to Tizzy Canucci, who made and donated the CD at the landing point, and those fantastic Division Bell Heads.

See this if you can – there are things on the sim that are unique, and the overall spectacle is, well, spectacular. I’ll hold off the ‘restore to last position’ option until towards the middle of next week.

Furillen news

Time for an update on what’s happening at the sim …

First, I’ll be keeping the sim open for at least the summer and into the autumn. Tier has been paid into August now, but please don’t use this an excuse to stop donations. To be clear how this works, I pay whatever you donate straight into the tier pot, topping up each week from my own pockets. On average, I’m paying around half of the regular tier myself and I’ll settle for that. So thanks to all who donate. There are some regulars who give very generously – they know who they are, and I thank them on everyone’s behalf, not just my own.

To everyone else, especially those who come by regularly, just drop 100 lindens into the donation pot now and again, it really does make a difference. And a warning: I pay for Linden$ in £sterling, which is weakening against the US$, so I am expecting tier to become more expensive for me personally. So when I say that your help keeps the sim going, I really do mean it.

For anyone who isn’t aware of WHY the £sterling is in a dippy kind of place right now, watch this and weep fat tears of laughter and despair …



Second, as I announced yesterday, there is a new exhibition in Furillen’s gallery, which is located on the southwest corner of the sim. Go there and you’ll see the Gotland pictures taken by Gabrielle Swindlehurst. Gabrielle and I go way back – she was the person who persuaded me back onto flickr in 2013. I had abandoned my old account in 2009 for one reason or another, but Gabrielle interrupted me while I was buying a suit – she remembered my old stream, we had never met – and managed to convince me to start taking pictures again. So I am very pleased to be hosting her work at the sim, which would probably not exist had I not returned to flickr. I also think that she’s a super talent, and always admired the mix of first and second life pictures on her stream.

Third, we have an event coming up – Floyd @ Furillen – next weekend. Pink Floyd are giants in the history of rock music, and the ‘stuff’ surrounding their music, the opportunities for art and sculpture, are endless. Mareea Farrasco – a huge fan of the band since before the beginning of time – has been helping me with this one, and we’re having lots of fun thinking about ways to dress the sim Floyd-style, and searching for Floyd-related things we can rez up around the sim.

We have issued a photography challenge to coincide with the event – but in case anyone doesn’t feel they can work with the song we recommended, let me say that if you have *any* picture that has a Floyd theme, show it to us and we’ll see about putting it on display somewhere during the event.

But as always, music will be at the heart of it all, and I’m busy uploading all the studio albums to the music stream. I’ll be playing them in chronological order throughout the weekend, just as I recently did with Radiohead.

Fourth, we’ll keep on switching the hotel rooms around at the sim. I share this job with Laura, who added a really cool one recently – with sand dunes – without me even noticing. (To be fair, I was enjoying myself at Glastonbury at the time.) Here it is …




Now if the janitor doesn’t notice such things, what hope is there for everyone else … so take a look there regularly, we won’t always announce any changes.

Fifth, the weather will continue being ‘changeable’ at Furillen. I asked long ago whether we should have seasons at the sim, and the result was about as conclusive and reliable as the recent UK referendum. So I’m fudging the issue, like all good politicians should. To the snow lovers among you, it will return for a while, probably in high summer …

Finally, there will – I hope – be more events and more exhibitions in the coming months. There are plans in the pipeline, but if you have ideas for either, do get in touch.

To those who follow my gigging half-life – and some of you actually do – my next date is with Elvis Costello, at London’s gorgeous Roundhouse this coming week. The guy has a vast back catalogue, but if recent setlists are anything to go by there is a good chance he’ll end with this, so I may as well too …



The Floyd @ Furillen Photo Challenge

careful axe poster


Ahead of the Floyd @ Furillen being held at the sim next weekend – 8, 9, & 10 July – we thought it might be fun to issue a challenge to the many photographers who spend time at the sim. So here it is:

  • make a picture that reflects, echoes, or represents in some way the 1969 Pink Floyd song, “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”;
  • please send entries to Serene Footman or Mareea Farrasco inworld by 7 July (next Thursday);
  • winner(s) to be displayed during the event on the sim.

This is a nice way to get into a great song. Here is a video of it being performed live …



And here are the somewhat sparse lyrics …


Down, down. Down, down. The star is screaming.
Beneath the lies. Lie, lie. Tschay, tschay, tschay.
[Sound of Waters blowing into the microphone]
[Light screaming from Waters]
Careful, careful, careful with that axe, Eugene.
[Very loud and prolonged scream]
[Another very loud and prolonged scream]
[Waters blowing into the microphone]
[Light screaming from Waters]
The stars are screaming loud.
[Low groaning sound from Waters]


Like all great songs, this one has been subjected to many different interpretations, such as those found here.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Furillen update and important news

There was a Radiohead event at the sim this weekend – nothing too fancy, but highlights included

  • a playlist featuring all of the studio albums in chronological order
  • a slideshow of 400 pictures
  • our very own moon shaped pool
  • a giant radio
  • a landscape texture based on the album cover of A Moon Shaped Pool
  • a few fake plastic trees, and
  • the obligatory fake Chinese rubber plant.

Here are one or two pictures taken at the sim during the weekend …



Fake Plastic Trees: Radiohead Redux


Moon and Tree


Moon, over a Moon Shaped Pool. Radiohead event at Furillen


Mellow Yellow


He is a DayDreamer...




Then, on Sunday, there was the opening party for the exhibition of pictures taken at Furillen, as curated by Mareea Farrasco. We all owe her a huge debt of gratitude for pulling this together so well, and providing a space that was large enough and bright enough to do justice to the collection.

If you haven’t visited yet, it’s at Mareea’s wonderful IMAGO gallery.

It was good to see so many people at the party, and to catch up with some old faces from previous Furillen events. The music harked back to several of those, with tracks from Bowie, Prince and Radiohead jostling with the odd blast of Abba and even a bit of funk.

So … what next, at Furillen? Well, there is something that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time …


floyd at furillen


This will, I hope, be one to remember. Mareea will be helping with this event, and I know one or two others who also want to chip in. I’ll ‘dress’ the sim accordingly, there will be wall-to-wall music – pun intended – and a photo contest based on a song that will be announced in due course. Along with this, there will be a slide show, and some ‘Pink Floydian’ stuff laid out around the place. There will also, of course, be a party held at some point over the weekend. Maybe even several …

If you have any ideas or want to make a contribution, please get in touch.