I shall imagine life

I shall imagine life

I shall imagine life
is not worth dying, if
(and when) roses complain
their beauties are in vain

but though mankind persuades
itself that every weed’s
a rose, roses (you feel
certain) will only smile


Love of Life: Round 4 of the Furillen Photography Competition


love of life

‘Love of Life’ is the name of the region in which Furillen is located. I chose it from a list – although with gems such as Faeries Isle, Warriors Foxglove and Anal Planet being offered as alternatives, it was a no brainer … even for me.

I like the name, and believe it to be more and more fitting for Furillen. I don’t need to spell out why – enough cheese already on this blog.

All of which brings me to announce that Love of Life is the theme for Round 4 of the Furillen photography competition.

Here are the rules, please follow them carefully.

1. Each entry will consist of an album called Love of Life.

2. The album will contain five images – pictures, not videos – that convey this theme. The pictures must be taken at Furillen.

3. To enter, create the album on your own Flickr stream and – crucial step – post an album cover with a link. This cover will be invited to the Round 4 Flickr group, which I will initiate on deadline day. Send me a link to your album cover on (or just before) deadline day, via Flickrmail.

4. The deadline is Friday 8 April @ Midday SLT.

5. Judging will be undertaken by a panel.

Good luck!

ps. I am planning to run a separate competition for machinima.