Love of Life

by pup


1. A pictures says more than words can.

1. A picture says more than words can


2. sending the hurt to the heavens.

2. sending the hurt to the heavens


3. storm passes

3. storm passes


4. the carvan at furiller

4. the caravan at furillen


5. music

5. music



6. summerhaunt

Reflections on Round 4: Love of Life

This was tough! My head still aches from thinking about it.

We only had six entries – a reflection of how difficult it actually is to put together an album of five pictures (plus one cover) on a theme. All of the judges – Senna, KT, Dooozy and me – greatly admired MM’s album for its incredibly high technical standard. This is superb photography, which uses black and white to very telling effect. As KT expressed it in her notes:

To me this showed a journey from depression through to hope, helped by the use of shadows and black and white treatment.

So huge congratulations to MM, a fine photographer whose work really enhances our appreciation of photography on the grid. She is brilliant, and I hope that her new exhibition at the IMAGO gallery …

MM poster

… is as well supported as it deserves to be.

But …

I said this was tough, and I meant it. As excellent as MM’s album is, there were five other entries that were all potential winners. Each of these albums made the top three of at least one judge, and I honestly believe that any one of the albums could have come on top and there would have been some level of agreement.

It was close – testimony to the fact these are all really fine SL photographers.

I will be showcasing these albums during the week, starting with MM’s later today, then running through the remaining five up to Friday.

And finally – there will be a Round 5. I will make the announcement tomorrow. It will be much simpler than the last two rounds … and as you will see, much quicker.

Fingers on shutters, and a visual clue …

music gif


Furillen gets the blues

I’ll be taking down the set we made for the Grease event later this evening. So if you were planning to take a few pictures, there is still time. Although bear in mind what the man from Muse once sang …

matt bellamy time gif

Talking of Muse, I’ll be seeing them a few times in London next week. The set list looks pretty good. There is no doubt that their older material is stronger, and they will be playing some decent stuff like Citizen Erased, Plug In Baby, Stockholm Syndrome and Map of the Problematique.

That’s not quite as retro as Audrey, but as close as you’ll get when Matt Bellamy is involved – and affords us a much nicer GIF …

audrey gif

I saw Muse at the Download Festival last summer …

muse download

In keeping with that festival, they were deliberately ‘heavy’, and it was possibly the loudest set I heard all year, barring Leftfield at London’s Roundhouse in October. For a festival gig, that is saying something – although to be fair, I was standing (being crushed) right in front of the massive bank of speakers to the right of the stage.

Here is a video of the full set, although the quality isn’t great.

Muse are headlining Glastonbury this year, although if the rumours are correct that LCD Soundsystem will be playing on the Other Stage at the same time on the Friday evening, it will be a close call for me …

undecided gif

Back to Furillen … the north western corner of the sim will soon be occupied by Furillen’s new venue, Bar Cafe Fabriken. This is a collaborative venture with Micky Siamendes and Dooozy. As I said in a previous post, the idea is to hold many of our music events here, while introducing a few new elements, such as DJs – rather then just me and my playlists – and live musicians.

live music gif

We can’t promise Matt Bellamy or Thom Yorke, but there are certainly a few Second Life musicians who will relish the opportunity to perform for the Furillenites.

And on Saturday, Furillen will be host to the awesome DJ Wolf, who will be playing the blues …

bb king gif

To get in the mood, just listen to this …

Or if you have more time, this …

The bar has one or two features we think you’ll enjoy. One is that it will change in subtle – and, quite possibly, not so subtle – ways according to the event in question. Cue chameleon GIF …

chameleon gif

Another is that there is a small gallery area, where we’ll be featuring music-related pictures (tour posters, etc.) relevant to the event in question – alongside music-inspired art pieces submitted by visitors to Furillen. Stuff like this …

fine art a

As ever on the sim, it is largely up to you how the space develops and what it becomes. They key is to become as actively involved as you can, and as weird as you want …

tea gif

And finally … you have a few more days left to submit entries to Round 4 of the Furillen photography competition.

round 4 a

Go here for a reminder of the theme and instructions for entering. I think it’s a simple, powerful brief – an album based on the love of life theme. I’ve been following it myself with the series of E E Cummings poems that have featured on this blog during the past month.

What you submit will determine where this competition goes next …