Breaking Ice: a 70 Year Story – by Tizzy Canucci

Tizzy Canucci has made a great series of movies (or ‘machinima’) about Second Life, including several on the Furillen sim. These include The Constant Falling, Solitude, The Colouring of Snow, Street Spirit, The Digital Pilgrims and Floyrillen. Her movies are never simply a series of moving images taken inworld, but tend to have a theme or story that makes a rich connection with the place in question.

Tizzy is a Brit, studying for a PhD in Contemporary Art, and some of this film-making will be contributing to her thesis work. She also has a blog, in which she writes very well about a number of themes connected to virtual reality, photography and various Second Life locations.

I’m pleased to say that she has now turned her attention to Khodovarikha, and has made a movie that combines – literally, with a split screen – Second Life footage taken at the sim with an archive film, ‘The Great Northern Sea Route’, that was made in the USSR in 1947. The juxtaposition of real and virtual that Tizzy achieves here is absolutely fascinating …