Radiohead news just in … a special re-release of OK Computer in its 20th anniversary year.


oknotok track list

“I Promise”, “Lift” and “Man of War” have never previously been released. The rest of disc 2 are B-sides.

Release Date: 23 June 2017 (same day as their Glastonbury set)

I guess we’ll do something at the sim for this – although not on release day, because I’ll be at Glastonbury …

Glastonbury Festival

… hoping for an OK Computer-dominated set.

They played a legendary Glastonbury set in 1997 …

more on SR

This, from Pitchfork about last night’s Sigur Ros set. Just to reassure myself, mainly, that I didn’t imagine anything …

Sigur Ros headlined The John Peel Stage, where they entranced a swelling and hypnotised crowd with a visual and sonic display of utter magic. Opening with menacing and ghostly new track ‘Óveður’, Sigur Ros weave a gossamer web of sound over a live show that only enhances the entire world that they create with their delicate and spine-chilling sounds. Without a doubt, they remain one of the finest live acts on the planet, and truly in a class of their own.