music videos from furillen

I wanted to draw attention to three videos that were made recently at Furillen. As can be seen here, the sim has featured in some really well-made videos, and it’s a pleasure to add these three to the list.

All were made during recent music events at the sim. The first is by Tizzy Canucci, and serves as a great reminder of the installation she made for our Radiohead weekend.

Street Spirit

The second is by Dooozy, and this captures the sights and sounds of our recent disco night.

The third, also by Dooozy, covers the memorable Abba party at Furillen.

Thanks to Tizzy and Dooozy. With future events being planned – including the opening of Bar Cafe Fabriken next weekend – I am sure there will more to come.

Furillen despatch

I’m currently ‘on vacation’, which in my case usually means that I do what I usually do …

incredibles working gif

… but in a different location …

where am i gif

… on a dodgy internet connection …

bad wifi gif

That said, it’s always nice to get away, and I am not complaining when I find myself in the middle of this landscape …


.. . even if it’s been raining rather a lot since I arrived.

So my inworld time is both limited in time and diminished in quality this week. Which, of course, is no bad thing.

mary poppins gif

While I might not be around all that much, planning for the future at Furillen goes on. I am still hoping that KT Syakumi will be making some custom builds for the sim – in particular, one (or both) of these …


While KT focuses on the job of replicating the real Furillen in Second Life – she made the sim’s pier look uncannily close to the real thing – a number of the sim’s buildings are prefabs that merely echo what I imagine is the ‘spirit’ of the real place.

The building I announced yesterday – Bar Cafe Fabriken – is a combination of both. It is being adapted from an existing Second Life build by Micky Siamendes, but as you will see when it opens on 9 April 2016, the bar has been given a distinctive Furillen identity.

Micky and I thought about making the bar just for a blues night, but because we like it so much the plan now is to make it a feature of the sim, and to hold regular music events there.

excited_yippee_old_man (1)

I’ll be giving out details of the launch night in due course. But for now, I’ll leave you with a delicious clue …