The Furillen 9000

The Furillen Flickr pool now contains over nine thousand images. Given that we don’t accept every image sent to the group, the total could easily be much higher. It’s a remarkable testimony to a sim that, because of its emphasis on space and minimalism, remains completely open to interpretation and the imagination of photographers. So the images keep on coming, the variety is striking, and the quality remains high.

Here are some highlights from the latest batch, posted during the past ten days or so …

Come with me


Clear like crystal

Furillen in blue

Isn't it ironic ... sometimes... :P

With Wiwi at the Desert

into the blue1


All my addictions

“Oh, my darling, it’s true. Beautiful things have dents and scratches too.”

Furillen (not retouched)

Silent scream

For a ride around Furillen



I saw his jelly beans

so long

Visit To Furillen

The Expectation of a Good Time

= Cub Smit =

Nothing is concrete.

Blue Greenhouse

Nothing can be seen.


Onyx Skye and the sea

Chairs (2)

Paradise is a clever lie


No-one isn't alone.

~ εmo ~ *269 @Furillen

parking zone @ furillen :)

[ they say follow your heart; but if your heart is in a million pieces, which piece do you follow ? ]

Misty morning

Shots 5

The pool - Furillen


Pool Side Two

Shadows' flow

Maybe because the chair was broken...

The Sky is Filled With Stars Invisible by Day


Love dreamer

Classy man


only once

The old friends

Empty Chair



blue aint my color

Skippy !!!

The Rising

stop all the clocks ...

Latest news and pictures

The new sim has been attracting around 350-400 visitors per day, and as the guestbook comments suggest, it is being well received. Please do sign the guestbook, your entries are really appreciated and will be published here. You will find the book in the warehouse, top floor bar, right here …


It will come as no surprise when I say that some spectacular images are being made at the sim and posted on the flickr group. Here are some of the highlights …

La Digue du Braek I

extreme selfi  @La Digue du Braek   ( le selfi du matin n'arrête pas pèlerin )

What Christmas Hath Our Modern World Wrought?



La Digue du Braek 4

Rumour said SL 2.0 had been on its way...


La Digue du Break @ Muppets Island - 6

Ready to


La Digue du Braek (161205)

La Digue du Braek - December 6th 2 mono

La Digue du Braek


Ombres croisées

At The Dunes

Incidentally, just in case you were wondering, Furillen is still fairly busy, with around 100-150 visitors each day, many of whom see the sim as their Second Life home. I see plenty of people using both sims a lot, which is no surprise and very welcome. Donations are equally welcome, although not compulsory and – unlike some sims in Second Life – we do not charge a membership fee.

I find the contrasting styles of pictures that emerge from each sim really fascinating. These things evolve, of course, but while La Digue du Braek is drawing out some fantastically gritty images from the industrial side along with beautiful landscapes from the beach – and plenty depicting the tension between these aspects of the sim – the best pictures from Furillen still tend towards the kind of minimalism that has distinguished this group on flickr from the outset.

So … just to show that it won’t be outdone, here are some of my favourite pictures recently taken at Furillen …

Love Birds in the Grey @ Furillen


* Just Sitting *

Bird On The Wire

Long shadows we cast ...

Army of Cups

shooting macro

I’m travelling at the moment, and besides taking the usual tourist shots I have been playing around with the macro setting on a Fuji X100. This is a classic, retro-ish, fixed-lens camera that produces some beautifully creamy images with a bit of a Leica quality about them.

Here are some of the results. All are straight out of the camera …


_DSF2301 (1)









taking a break from the snow

Visitors to the sim are divided about the snow. Some find it refreshing and atmospheric, others a bit depressing and laggy.

So let’s alternate.

If you prefer your Furillen sunny and dry, now’s your chance …

Furillen sunrise


egoiste laura poster


Furillen’s new gallery space is now showing an exhibition of Laura’s real life photography.

I have known Laura since 2008 and long admired the pictures she takes in Second Life: her sense of colour, and the angles she uses, are very distinctive. But I have also admired her real life photography, and wanted her to put some of these pictures on show at a sim which, after all, makes a big deal of its real world connections.

The exhibition will run for a few weeks. After that, I hope to feature more real life art and photography made by visitors to the sim. But as ever, we will see.

Do visit this building – and exhibition – if you can. The building itself is a fascinating space to show pictures in, wonderfully moody and atmospheric.


Furillen’s hotel rooms

The rooms of Furillen’s hotel are finished for the time being, Laura and I worked on them through the week and it’s been fun.

Here are some neutral pictures of each room to give you a taster. As ever, visitors will make their own – more imaginative – images, using different angles, light and some selective derendering.

We will change the rooms around whenever we feel like it, so catch them while you can.



Room 1: A Pelican In The Rain

Room 1 rain_001


Room 2: Where The Janitor Sleeps

Room 2 janitor_001


Room 3: Apple Tree

Room 4 apple_001


Room 4: Video Wall

Room 4 video room_001


Room 5: Lamp and Stones

Room 5 lamp and stones room_001


Room 6: Logs & TV

Room 6 tv room_001


Room 7: Bamboo

Room 7 bamboo room_001


Room 8: Reception (with tip jar!)

Room 8 reception_001


Room 9: Logs

Room 9 logs and chair_001


Room 10: Steps

Room 10 steps_001


Room 11: Birch

Room 11 birch_001


Room 12: Threads

Room 12 thread room_001


Room 13: Red Carpet

Room 14 red_001


Room 14: Lab Cat

Room 14 lab cat_001


Room 15: Tiles

Room 15 tiles_001


Room 16: Telephone

Room 16 telephone_001



Furillen’s rooms

The re-decorating at Furillen is coming together slowly – there’s no hurry.

The minimalist feel of the main hotel building is back with a vengeance – take a look at what Laura has been up to with some of the spaces there …




Adventures in Minimalism

Furillen’s new gallery space

furillen gallery_001


Situated on the south-western corner of the sim, this old harbour building will host some low-key exhibitions.

There is currently a brief slide-show of pictures from the real Furillen.

Furillen 1.0

So what did I miss, that made me bring Furillen back for a while?

  • snow
  • peace
  • emptiness
  • the old harbour building (this was here before the ferry)
  • super minimalism

And what did I want to improve?

  • walkable hills
  • a slightly longer pier, walkable to the very end
  • the coffee

That’s it.

Welcome to Furillen 1.0


furillen 1.0_001