Farewell (again), Furillen

farewell furillen B

Having re-opened in October, Furillen has been back on the grid for four months … and I think it’s time to put the sim back into mothballs. To be honest, I hadn’t expected to keep it open for so long, but seeing it full of visitors during the weeks the after re-opening persuaded me to keep it open at least into the new year.

Since October, the sim has featured some excellent exhibitions of Furillen pictures – by Pixelbeing, nekonuko Nakamori, and Melusina Parkin. It also saw the revival of the rather wonderful bar cafe Fabriken, which was put together with Micky Siamendes.

Furillen is quite an unusual sim with its own history and stories – and, most importantly for me, its own unique buildings. I have always liked the minimalist vibe of the sim design, and the opportunity it allows for a huge range of SL photography – and within its built spaces (such as the concrete bunker, shipping warehouse and hotel), for showing interesting art.

While Furillen is around, it feels to many of us like a fixture – as if it “should” be on the grid, always. So I am sure that one or two visitors will be disappointed to see it go again. However, the grind of the weekly tier is stopping me from working on other projects – which, frankly, is where all of my enjoyment of SL comes from. Besides Furillen, I have opened two further sims since October – Lairig Leacach and the summer version of Khodovarikha – and I have other projects planned. So Furillen will close its doors once again in the next day or so – move fast if you want to make a ‘final’ picture or visit.

To those who like to think of Furillen as their second home, please be assured that it will doubtless return again one day, possibly even later this year, and perhaps in summer clothes, just to make a change. But for now, huge thanks to everyone who came by, left nice comments, donated generously, took great pictures, and generally made the sim feel alive.

Serene Footman 🙏

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