Goodbye Ukivok!

Ukivok opened at the end of March, and now it’s time to move on. So the sim will close for good next week, on Wednesday 26 June.

This was rather a special sim for us: Ukivok has a wonderfully rich and intriguing, albeit poignant, history, and its stunning location – as well as those stilt houses – were quite a challenge to recreate in Second Life. If the reviews by  Inara PeyMaddy Gynoid, Diomita and Jenny Maurer, Yana and Susann Decuir are anything to go by – alongside comments in the guestbook – the sim was widely appreciated, so our thanks to all who came by and especially to those who were kind enough to let us know they liked it.

The sim’s Flickr group was busy – especially in the first few weeks – and now contains more than 850 pictures. Here are some of the highlights …

a monolith of doom

brume matinale

Only love could bring us...


Taking a picture and keeping it.

SL Dulcis_013 Ukivok April 2019 Image by © rig torok

Day Trip to Ukivok - The Sea


. sounds matter .

supreme shade

Ukivok (7)





this place was a shelter

Summertime Sadness



[nobody belongs to us, except in memory … ♪♫]

"Everything that happens is from now on." - Bon Iver

Heart and Stone

"Listen folks! We have thirty minutes here and then we'll move on to the next spot..."


The watchtower #Ukivok


No water, no life

L'homme en blanc

Blessed is the one who waits in the traveller's heart for his turning

Mood for a day

I've been waiting...


The Silence of the Sea . El silencio del mar

Psycho's ..i.. Worth

the sea...


Ukivok III

Be !

Big thanks, as ever, to everyone who visited Ukivok and took pictures. As we’ve said many times, Flickr is where we learn most about how our sims are seen by others. And it is in the pictures you create that our memories of these places live on.

3 Replies to “Goodbye Ukivok!”

  1. Reblogged this on Abby & Olivia in SL and commented:
    Sorry to read that Ukivok is due to close in six days time. Abby and I visited Ukivok back in April, and climbed all the way to the top. It is very detailed and atmospheric. If you haven’t seen it you have just six days left and it’s highly recommended.

    A&O xx

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