One week in Ukivok

Ukivok opened a week ago, and the response has been very positive. The sim has been busy, often full at peak times, and we were pleased to see very generous reviews from Inara Pey, Maddy Gynoid and Diomita and Jenny Maurer. Thanks, also, to everyone who has signed the guestbook so far – your comments are better than tips! We’re yet to hear from anyone who has actually visited King Island, we’d be somewhat amazed if anyone came along who has. Still, you never know in Second Life …

As always, we’ve been watching the work of visiting photographers with great interest. We expected the sim to be quite difficult to photograph, but over 350 pictures have already been posted to the Flickr group. There have been some outstanding shots of the village from a distance …


Way Down We Go

Ukivok III

Ukivok - March 2019

Storm is coming...

Ukivok - experimenting foto

And Another Day Ends




… as well as some great pictures that highlight the precariousness of the buildings …




At Ukivok

Morning is made

Vanitas vanitatum...

Ukivok 04

Ukivok - March 2019

stilts & stairs

Don't Pick Up the Sticks


The Place to Be


There have been some terrific landscape pictures …

Calm waters

Wild Mεεting in Alaska @Ukivok

Ukivok I

Jenny returns home to Ukivok after shrimp fishing

Ed at Dulcis 03272019_008

This view is a painting



LEA Photohunt - Ukivok

At Ukivok

In the Light

Parakeet auklet at Ukivok waiting for the Daily Show

he slips away at sunset...

People Help The People

… and some fabulous details …

wolf pack

. una danza llena de gardenias plenas reflorecerá .

tenebris et pulchra


Don't need more.

. oh! you rebel life, go get lost in the wind .

call it a V.esper

Ukivok 06

Soundless music

A piece of Chesapeake has found a home at Ukivok


Ukivok II

Wind Chimes @ Ukivok

Ukivok ...

. there is always silence before the storm .

Finally, there are those pictures that just seem to evoke an undefinable sense of place and atmosphere – of ‘being there’ …




world is not a plastic.. there is more...


Break of Dawn

second life - unedit (Ukivok -, Dulcis)

Colors of The Spirit

at the edge

2019-03-25 - Ukivok - 03

Sipping on straight chlorine


Relax - take it easy....

Morning at Ukivok

obscure ......

Remnants of Departed Days

As always, our thanks to everyone who has visited the sim, left a comment, taken a picture, or just enjoyed being there. We have no plans to close it just yet … but you know how it is with our places – Ukivok won’t stay open forever, so enjoy it while you can.

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