One Week at Chesapeake

The Chesapeake Bay sim has been open for just over a week now and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Over 900 people have visited, many of them several times over, and for long periods. The sim is often full during afternoons and evenings, and at weekends. We were pleased to see great reviews of the sim by Maddie Gynoid, Inara Pey, and Diomita and Jenny Maurer, and we are grateful to everyone who signs the guestbook.

Perhaps most strikingly of all, the Chesapeake Bay Flickr group has grown to almost 450 pictures in just one week. As ever, we have enjoyed seeing many different perspectives on the sim. We felt sure that the place would prove to be photogenic, not least because it features some ‘original’ buildings and structures that cannot be seen elsewhere on the grid. Moreover, because of the layout of the sim, there are plenty of angles from which these can be photographed. It’s never easy picking out highlights from such a large pool of pictures, but here are some observations on what has been posted so far.

First, I’ve been struck by the number of great wide-angled shots that have been taken at the sim …

Chesapeake Bay I

Chesapeake Bay III

Chesapeake Bay (3)

Bird Set Free

Waiting for the tide to turn

la substance du ciel est d'une tendresse étrange


Chesapeake bay la ressuscitée


Chesapeake Bay IV


Chesapeake Bay (2)

Chesapeake Bay (1)

There are also a good many photographers who have imagined the sim in what I’d describe as a ‘painterly’ way, with stunning results …

Krise exploring Chesapeake Bay


When did they leave?

Chesapeake Bay 05

Chesapeake Bay


Bay view

Refusing to Disappear

Chesapeake Bay


A Thousand Shores - Mille Rivages

When nothing but hope is left

You can also dream awake!

By contrast, there are photographers who seem able to render the sim with an incredible degree of realism, which in some cases leaves one scratching one’s head and wondering whether an image was taken in the ‘real’ Chesapeake Bay …

peeking and capturing

Chesapeake Bay

Behind every image, something has disappeared. And that is the source of its fascination

Chesapeake Bay 07

Birds Bay

Chesapeake Bay

@Chesapeake Bay

Sweet Decay

Chesapeake Bay

Vive la vida

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

Stress in the sky

"A Scattering of Two"



Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

She Remembers

Can you see beauty?

As for the ‘signature’ builds on the sim, there have been some outstanding shots of the house that Stephen White fought to save …

Chesapeake Bay - Feb 2019

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay 08

Chesapeake Bay 04

Chesapeake Bay

… Sharp’s Island hotel …

Chesapeake Bay (1970's Color) wonder if it still plays?


Lucide dream

Chesapeake Bay

Bates Motel going down

… the Holland Island Bar Lighthouse …

Recovery....@Chesapeake Bay

Only the Ocean

Entre Mensonges et Verités


… Sharp’s Island Lighthouse …

Vday @ Chesapeake bay

Chesapeake Bay


… the sunken church …

It was not the Church that resisted the deluge

chesapeake bay


Chesapeake Bay

No services today

… various submerged roofs …

sous les flots

Chesapeake Bay

...sleepwalking land

Chesapeake Bay - Feb 2019

All that shines is not gold

… the cemetery …

...a little whiff in history


… and the Tangier Island cross …

Chesapeake Bay

"God So Loved The World"

Finally, the sim’s massive bird population has proved to be popular with photographers …


The doubt

Chesapeake Bay 02

~Chesapeake Bay~


Chesapeake Bay



We usually spend between two and three weeks working on each sim that we open, and much of that time is taken up by the rather obsessive attention we pay to details. So we’re pleased to see photographers who notice – and highlight – features of the sim we worked hard on. Thanks to everyone who has visited and posted pictures. And do keep going, we’ll surely be staying open for a little while longer …

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  1. Wonderful place. I haven’t visited it yet because I have been away from second life for quite long. I stumbled on vimeo with the beautiful video by Tizzy Canucci. I have to go there!

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