Hüvasti Rummu

Rummu opened one month ago, on 1 January 2019, and we feel that it’s time to move on. So we’ll be closing the sim this week, on Friday 8 February 2019. The place has been popular, with many regular visitors staying for extended periods – hours at a time – while the sim has been completely full at the busiest times. As I commented before, the Flickr group has also been busy, with more than 600 pictures posted in just a few weeks. Here are some of the more recent highlights from the group which reflect the many and varying ways the place has been seen and used …


Ready for fight?


I'll Stand By You

[sometimes you have to be alone to come back and be better … ♪♫]

Nothing's Happening ...

suspension of disbelief


#La rumεur dε Paris *2 @Rummu

Rummu 1

Rummu Explorations

Better half




Rummu (Spacer)

I’ll drown my beliefs

"Science is the Whore of Industry and the Slut of War"

Deep green light

Rummu 2

craving for sunshine


I wonder if the movie is about to start...

As ever, we’re grateful to everyone who visited, took pictures, and left comments in our guestbook.

So … what next? I guess we’ll think of something. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy Rummu’s final week.

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