Reflections from Rummu

Rummu opened on the first day of the year and it has been well-visited since, with around 1000 distinct avatars paying approximately 4000 different visits. The sim tends to be full during the busiest periods, and many stay for a very long time – the record for Rummu currently stands at around 13 hours in one single stay. This suggests that the sim has become an ‘AFK home’ for some regulars, and we don’t mind that at all.

Rummu has had great reviews from Inara PeyMaddy Gynoid and Susann Decuir, for which we are very grateful, as well as some generous feedback from visitors – both in conversation and via comments in the guestbook. But as ever, we mostly look forward to your pictures. The Rummu Flickr group has been busy. As we approach 400 images in the group after less than two weeks, we have been struck by both the quality and diversity of the pictures you’ve been taking. As I said once in a post about Bayou, it is on Flickr that we see our places though the eyes of others, and we really enjoy viewing Rummu from different perspectives and angles, light settings and so on. So … here are some personal reflections about the images taken at Rummu so far.

As with Bayou, it’s been striking how many photographers opt for monochrome, and with real skill. Here are some great examples …

@ Rummu

The Sound Of Silence

equilibrium position

strange ideas

Rummu. Surface.

On Reflections

sometimes its only black and white

The V.acuum



“The quiet sense of something lost”

As for subject-matter, we were intrigued by what photographers would do with the murals at Rummu, and have not been disappointed …




Graffitie sur le mur!


Soviet Suprem



And given that we always intended that Rummu should be a place with summer vibe,  where visitors enjoy hanging out with each other – making use of some of the ‘toys’ we left lying around – it’s great to see so many fun images like these …

searching naturist place(s) (for better suntan)

Love at first sight


Jade Koltai: lol les petits culs


1 2 3 ja

I don't have a choice, I still choose you

dive for dreams


Emotional rescue

Happy Chit chat :D ( raw shot)

One of the other intriguing features of Rummu lies underwater – the old prison – so we’ve especially enjoyed seeing pictures taken in the murky depths …

Submerged Ruins @ Rummu


Drowning in the waves of a no man‘s land


Rummu - Jan 2019

Rummu II - the past underwater

There have also been some excellent pictures by photographers with a talent for spotting those small but all-important details that give any sim its distinct character and sense of life …

Sound of wood

I am a unicorn

From Hell to Paradise ...

Rummu 04

Rummu 09

Comptine d' Un Autre Eté

Finally, there are those pictures that simply stand out – because of an angle, a colour, or some other indefinable quality …




[ Breathe me ]

Jungle Pool

Summers look good already.


Remains of the past...






Rummu III

εmo *295 @Rummu

Happiness Does Not Wait


So, as ever, our sincere thanks to everyone who has visited Rummu, given us feedback, and taken pictures. We enjoy seeing the place occupied, used and interpreted.

Nobody will be surprised to learn that we are already working on a new project … so the next time you read a blog from me, it’s likely to be a notice about Rummu’s closure. We don’t have a set date in mind for that yet, but you know us by now, it’s never too far away. Which means … keep enjoying Rummu while you can.

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