Farewell to the Isle of May

farewell may final.jpg

We will be closing Isle of May next week, on 1 January. The winter version of this sim was very popular. The sim was often full, and another 800 pictures or so were added to the Flickr group in the month or so since we re-opened the sim on 23 November. Thanks to everyone who posted pictures to the group, to those who reviewed this latest iteration of the sim, and to everyone who signed the guestbook.

Huge compliments to all you photographers – there have been some great shots of the sim in winter conditions. I am reluctant to pull out favourites, but here is a small selection of images that – for me – capture the ‘rawness’ of the winter setting we were trying to recreate at the sim …

taken at Isle of May

Isle of May


Isle of May

~A Winter's Tale~

The north wind doth blow...

[...this unfamiliar place]

campagne enneigée

As always, there is a hint of sadness when we close a sim. But I’d be surprised if this one doesn’t make a third appearance on the grid at some point in the future, it’s a real favourite of ours – and, it seems, of yours.

So … what next? Rest assured that we are thinking, and planning. As ever, watch this space.

But for now, happy holidays to all, and we hope you enjoy visiting the Isle of May for a few more days.

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