San Pietro Pervertito

san pietro opening final

Opening today on a parcel within the appropriately-named Heaven region, San Pietro Pervitito is a our tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the interior of a famous church, San Pietro Martire in Murano, near Venice …


… which we have transformed into a dance club and bar. The centrepiece of the parcel is Van Auster’s brilliant recreation of the building itself.

pietro facade

san pietro final

Inside, our decor mixes up religion, decadence and sex. We enjoyed juxtaposing the religious setting of the building …


pietro open final

… with erotic dancing …

pietro pole B.jpg

… statues dressed in fetish masks …

jesus micky b

… and various other religious paraphernalia such as lurid confessionals, references to serpents and fish, together with art that explores erotica, debauchery and decadence, such as Thomas Couture’s Romains de la décadence (1847) …


We experiment with sim design and deco a lot, and started work on the interior of this church purely out of curiosity about how it would turn out. Just to be clear, it was not and is not our intention to run a club. We simply enjoyed making something we feel is a little bit different – and playfully irreverent. But as with the Isle of May, once we finished we thought it might be fun to share this space for a week or two. So while it lasts, please feel free to enjoy San Pietro Pervertito for photography and play.


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