Furillen catch-up

furillen in snow large poster 01

We are staging the latest group exhibition of Furillen pictures next week, with the opening of “Furillen in Snow” at Midday SLT on Tuesday 12 September. There are sixteen pictures in this exhibition, and to select them we searched right back to the earliest few weeks of the sim’s life, in late 2015.

Choosing from such a large pool was as fascinating as it was difficult. Please do not be offended if your picture has not been chosen – these group shows are not competitive in any way: it is simply a selection of pictures that we think work together quite well. Many of the pictures included in this show are from 2015-16, because we felt it would be interesting to look back on some ‘classics’.

We are also very pleased to include a picture taken at the sim by the late lamented Amona Savira. Amona took some very beautiful and striking pictures at Furillen, and although I barely knew her, I am surely not the only person who misses her distinctive and subtle photography.

In other news, the weather at Furillen is somewhat changeable as we move into September and Autumn – or Höst, in Swedish. While visitors may well encounter both rain and snow, the ‘default’ setting at the sim has been switched back to summer/spring – hence the emergence of more wildlife and some new trees, and the re-appearance of the swimming pool behind the hotel. Long-time visitors to the sim will know that the weather and windlight settings – and ground textures – switch around quite a bit, so arrive prepared for anything.

Finally … I mentioned a new sister sim a couple of weeks ago. This is progressing quite well, and will open reasonably soon.

Cкоро, as Russians say …

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