We are exhibiting a new collection of seven real life photographs taken by Laura – this Thursday in Gotham Warehouse, just off the city’s main square. It is called “Vagabonds” …


Laura has exhibited at Furillen a number of times, most memorably perhaps with Birds. This new collection follows a period during which she has rethought various aspects of her style. Whereas one of the most notable features of Laura’s photographs up to now has been the unusual angles she uses, the images in this new set are – to my eye, at least – fundamentally about place and time.

“Vagabond” literally means “a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job”, or “having no settled home”, and as you will see on Thursday, this spirit pervades the new set of photographs in quite a profound way.

I am not usually taken to flattery. This collection is outstanding.

And the centre of the world is …



where Arcade Fire – a regular fixture on the Furillen playlist – will play a gig on 7 June.


I love this band, and I love that they did this … although I have no idea why.

It’s difficult to explain just how dull Scunthorpe is. It’s absolutely nowhere. When I googled ‘quotes about Scunthorpe’, the first relevant hit was a page about garden fencing.

No band ever plays there – except for The Pogues, in 1988.

Nobody visits this town. Ever …

scunthorpe sign

Although there is something of the flavour of La Digue du Braek about its surroundings …


What a brilliant, quirky, insane – unpredictable – band …