Farewell to Digue

As promised, La Digue du Braek closed last night without ceremony, and we’ll be clearing the sim later on today. The sim was built in about three days; it will take just a few hours to clear. Such is SL! But as I said in my last post, there are some aspects of the sim we liked a lot and they will reappear in the future.

Meanwhile, farewell to Digue!! Here is the latest batch of pictures, which I’m pleased to say is as strong and as varied as any I’ve posted on this blog. We are not closing the flickr group because there are bound to be more in people’s files, so this won’t be my last posting of postcards from Dunkirk …

Good girls

In waiting Close

Tower Cranes



Hot Summer

High Thigh

on my way

Remote Control @*La Digue du Braek


La digue du Braek

La Digue du Braek,

La Digue du Braek

Cultivating love

A bit of life in the middle of chaos

Commit no nuisance

It was sounding "Love song"

La Digue du Braek

Opera, sculpture and literature


Parallel energy...

Lady stained red

I'll Make You Laugh Whether You Want to Or Not

*I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground...

Farewell at La Digue


a gloomy morning

La Digue du Braek

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