Important announcement

We will be ringing the changes at Furillen during the coming week …

First: Furillen will be moving to another region. The sim has been located in the Love of Life region ever since it opened in October 2015, and I will miss the region name … but we’re planning some things that require a full sim, not a homestead, so from next weekend, you will find Furillen in Pandora Empire. The existing sim will stay open for as long as possible before the move, and there should be a gap only of a few hours before the ‘new’ Furillen opens. The sim itself will be more or less unchanged, although there will doubtless be a few tweaks.

Second: La Digue du Braek will close at the end of this week. The sim was great fun to build, and has been very popular. The Flickr pool has been fantastic, with some great images that I’ve featured regularly on this blog. But although the daily visitor numbers remain quite high, this is the right moment to move on. I loved many aspects of this build, and some of them may reappear in due course, because …

Third: we’ll be taking advantage of additional prims at the new region and building a space in the sky. Exactly what this will consist of, and when it will open, will be revealed in due course. I’ll keep Furillen open for visitors to enjoy while we build upstairs, so please leave us in peace to get on with this exciting new project.

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