Postcards from Furillen

The Flickr group for Furillen reached a mind-blowing 8500 pictures yesterday, posted by almost 700 members. The group has built up over a 15 month period – the first picture was posted to the group on 12 October 2015. Just spend some time scrolling back through the pages and you’ll see how good much of the photography has been – and it still goes on.

Here are some highlights from the past week …

The Lookout

Sensations1 Temptations.....Tentaciones....deben volar!

Furillen with cat


Sometimes your scars have a lot less to do with where you've been and a lot more to do with where you're going

Freeze Frame


::I don't believe in failure Cause I know the smallest voices They can make it major::



Bikes and  Birds

Dawn in Furillen

Furillen. Sunrise on the pond


Chairs - Symmetry

Lightening My Day

The Comfort of Furillen

Furillen Gang


Lover, You Should've Come Over

Chairs - The three bows



Furillen 2.0

pool side

Choices.. at Furillen

Do you really belong here?

In an afternoon

Glimpses of Summer


It takes a lot to give, to ask for help



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