Pergola on the hill

I’ve been spending spare time over the past week making small refinements at the sim – lowering the hill next to the gallery, raising the level of the swimming pool, and changing the line of colourful chairs once or twice (see more on the chairs below). But I’m especially pleased with this new Pergola-type structure which I put together yesterday …


I had seen this in the distance in one or two pictures, but never close up enough until I found this video …

… and in particular, this frame …


I haven’t a clue what this is or was in RL, but I like it up there on the hill.

As for those chairs … a word of explanation. First, they do (or did) exist in RL, they are not – as some people thought – a figment of my imagination. Here they are …


Second, I previously placed them on the pier because I thought they looked good there …  and they were photographed a lot …

Furillen 6


Furillen People

However, as great as those chairs could look, they were notoriously difficult to ‘catch’ because of a seemingly unstable LOD (level of detail); indeed, I had more questions about this from visitors than almost anything else.

So once I’d moved the chairs to their ‘right’ place next to the airstream … and given that the previous line of chairs had been photographed … well, to death, really … I decided to rotate different sets of chairs. So we began with this line of plastic chairs last Sunday …


The watcher

Stand in line

… and then I reverted to these …

pergola 1_003.jpg

I’ll be changing them again very soon. If you have any recommendations, please get in touch.

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