Star Wars @ Furillen

There have been some terrific pictures taken of the sim during the Star Wars event. Thanks to everyone for visiting and capturing the two scenes – Hoth on the ground, Tatooine in the sky – so beautifully. Here are the latest highlights …



Nag, nag, nag


Making Plans

Star Wars Furillen

Major Tom Vs Star  Wars

May the Force...

Furillen - star wars

Contre-Attaque...Stars Wars ...suite

Bite the moon, snippet

This is all your fault, R2.

" Rogue One "

What we do flows from what we are.

Fire and blood

Don't look back - a blogpost

They would kill for her...


"I got tricks I really want to show you. I could be your perfect girl, all right"

Tatooine (2)

The two suns of Tatooine

Somebody please tell Princess L - it's me holding the fort!

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