More pictures from Dunkirk …

As Furillen-Hoth plays host to a series of troopers, droids and the occasional Princess Leia, La Digue Du Braek has been attracting well over 300 visitors every day. One of the things that always marked out Furillen was that visitors stayed for a while, returned and found favourite spots to sit and hang; and this pattern is being repeated – much as we had hoped – at the sister sim. The warehouse is especially popular, and just like the hotel at Furillen, it’s worth visiting regularly because there will often be new things – unusual things – put out. Check out the sweet Christmas scene with Santa and the snowman on the first floor landing, for example. Stille Nacht …

The Digue flickr stream is growing fast, with well over 300 images from almost 100 different photographers a testimony to the sim’s all-round appeal. Here are some highlights …

La Digue du Braek - December 6th 2 mono

La digue du Braek

From the white zone


la digue du braek

La Dique du Braek 014

...spirit cold....

la digue du braek

The Sun at Midnight

Industrial landcape

The Winter Sea

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