La Digue du Braek


Furillen has a new sister sim, La Digue du Braek, which can be visited here. In many ways the new sim echoes Furillen – the reference to a real location and the fascinating juxtaposition of natural beauty and heavy industry are common features. But I also hope that the new sim brings something of its own to the grid … we will see.

The sim has been busy with visitors since it opened a few days ago, and has already been reviewed by Kate Bergdorf, River Pearl, and Ziki Questi. There is also – of course – a flickr group, which can be found here.

I will be posting pictures from that group, along with some from Furillen, on an ad hoc basis. I stopped posting regular – daily – pictures simply because I kept falling behind, and because I don’t want to repeat that mistake, I won’t make any promises. But I’d like to keep this blog going as a source of information and discussion about the two sims, and as a way of conveying the wonderful work of Second Life’s many great photographers, and a website such as this seems like an ideal way of doing so.

Here is a taste of the some of the brilliant images of the sim so far …

Crane obsession

Just  hanging


Stay Cool

Finally, just a word about Furillen. It hasn’t disappeared, and there are no plans to make it disappear. The sim still attracts around 150 visitors per day, and is much loved by many people. As long as donations keep coming in at a reasonable rate, I will keep it open.

Do check it out now for the Christmas tree!

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