build, build …

As visitors “debate” the merits of snow versus sun at the sim, Furillen continues to carry on just as it likes – evolving as a virtual space with strong visual connections to the real place, on Gotland in Sweden. Furillen’s pier, and two further large concrete buildings – one a disused quarry building of some kind, the other now a cafe – give the sim a unique stamp. They are scaled replicas of buildings at the real Furillen that have been skilfully copied by talented builders in Second Life.

And now I am pleased to say that we have new buildings coming on stream in the next weeks. KT Syakumi, who built the well-loved pier, has been promising to make this old store house (if that’s what it is) for quite some time …


… and progress is well underway. We’ll take it in stages, beginning with this rusty shelter …


… which is already in place.

As ever, keep watching this space – and visiting the sim itself – for updates.

And please keep donating – the sim just can’t stay open otherwise.

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