Furillen’s new building

The sim has another new building – a partner to the structure built by Megan Prumier earlier this summer …

furillen cafe 2 copy

This appears to serve as a cafe in the real life Furllen, and I have set it up in the same way in the Second Life version. Like the other Furillen buildings, one would assume that this structure had some association with the quarry (or mine) works on the island, although it’s difficult to discern exactly what. As with the other structure, the building seems put together with concrete panels …

Furillen_13 copy

I like the way it looks on the sim – I have tried to position both new buildings in the right place as viewed in relation to the airstream, which gives a fixed point to the pier. You can see what I mean from this picture, where both new structures are in the background …


… and here, where the aistream itself is in the background …


… and finally in these three pictures, where you can see both buildings in relation to the each other and to the sea …



tid-framtid-bildspel__large copy

On the sim, some of these pictures are on display in the cafe itself. I will spend a few days settling the structures into place – the bigger one has been moved slightly to accommodate its younger sibling – and landscaping around them.

Huge thanks once again to Megan, who has managed to reproduce a structure from a few pictures with remarkable accuracy, a perfect sense of scale, and a nice eye for textures.

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