Sigur Rós – Valtari mystery films, #14



i’ve always been inspired by dance, so i wanted to tell a short story with dialogue through movement, without anyone saying anything. sidi larbi cherkaoui’s extraordinary choreography created this unique communication between the dancers james o’hara & nicola leahey. larbi’s way of working with flexibility played as an interesting contrast to the harsh environment in which matthias montero’s pure and ethereal style of cinematography allowed an intimate portrait of the couple.

Sigur Rós – Valtari mystery films, #13



the film explores the fragility of the human condition, frozen somewhere between life and death. shot with a high-speed camera, a human figure and water defy the laws of gravity. there is no clear distinction between dream and reality and the space that the film and the music create becomes a submersive world.

quick update from Furillen

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening of Ini Inaka @ Furillen – the sim was full for hours, apologies to those who didn’t get in. The exhibition will be open through August, so there is plenty of time to visit.

ini poster final

Ini’s art is distinctive, strong, and uncompromising. It works very well in Furillen’s gallery space …

Ini Inaka's exhibition at Furillen

Ini Inaka's exhibition at Furillen

There is one more event coming up that you’ll need reminding of. Tomorrow, Wednesday 20 July, the ‘Furillen at its Best’ show closes at Imago. Here is the poster …

I’ll put another playlist together for this.

After the Pink Floyd event and Ini’s launch, Furillen will now go back to a quiet life. The snow has returned, and I’m deciding whether to leave it falling for the summer, when the janitor will be gone for several weeks. Not everyone loves the snow, but it’s how the sim started, and how most people will always remember it …