Sim news and Floyd photo challenge

I haven’t been around at all in SL this week, but have enjoyed seeing the great pictures that have been taken of the Pink Floyd installation at the sim – and I have been posting them here in picture of the day batches. I have also noticed that visitor numbers have remained high.

So … rather than taking the installation down today as I had originally planned, I have decided to leave it in place for one further weekend. After all, nobody is screaming for me to remove it (not that I would care all that much if they did), and once it’s down … well, it’s gone forever.

I’m also issuing a very simple challenge …

Make a Pink Floyd album cover using something from the sim as it now stands. It MUST be a picture based on or recognisably inspired by an album cover – don’t just post something Floyd-related, that won’t do and will be rejected.

Post your entry here.

The prize is a piece of Dave Gilmour’s hair and some pollyjuice potion. [warning: that was a joke – he hasn’t got much hair …]

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