Pink Floyd ate my sim

pink floyd furillen

Furillen is still recognisable this weekend …. but only just. I enjoy transforming the sim for events – the Bowie and Radiohead weekends will always be highlights for me of the sim’s first six months – but this one really did get out of hand.

As I finally set out the Pink Floyd material that had been gathering on my platform for the past few weeks, it was carnage as some of Furillen’s biggest landmarks were hoovered up into my inventory. When this is over, I’ll be taking full advantage of the option to ‘restore to last position’ …

the world is broken gif

Anyway, having promised some surprises, I think we delivered. Here’s a quick run down of what you can see at Furillen this weekend:

  • a land texture based on The Wall;
  • a giant rotating CD from that album, which is where you’ll land;
  • a giant wall, based on that famous tour;
  • Battersea power station and the pig (from the cover of the Animals album);
  • a giant cow, from the cover of Atom Heart Mother;
  • a field of poppies, as featured on the artwork of Floyd’s anti-war album, The Final Cut;
  • beds – many, many, many beds, stretching as far as your viewer can see – based on the cover of A Momentary Lapse of Reason;
  • a flock of sheep – with dogs – to commemorate this song;
  • a giant pyramid, modelled on The Dark Side of the Moon;
  • two huge eyes (with planet inserts), as featured on the artwork of Floyd’s live album, Pulse;
  • the hammers that you’ll see on The Hammer March, from The Wall;
  • those fantastic heads, from The Division Bell;
  • some elephants, referencing Syd Barrett’s weird and wonderful Effervescing Elephant;
  • a giraffe, because ‘God wants Giraffes’, according to Roger Waters in What God Wants;
  • a 13 hour playlist featuring every studio album made by Pink Floyd, in chronological order;
  • two slide shows, featuring around 800 – yes, eight hundred – pictures.

This was fun, a labour of love, and I’m really pleased with how the sim looks. Credit – and huge thanks – must go to Mareea Farrasco, who helped in innumerable ways with the planning for this, and to Tizzy Canucci, who made and donated the CD at the landing point, and those fantastic Division Bell Heads.

See this if you can – there are things on the sim that are unique, and the overall spectacle is, well, spectacular. I’ll hold off the ‘restore to last position’ option until towards the middle of next week.

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