Furillen has a new building!


I landed at the sim this evening, and was handed a replica of this building by Megan Prumier, of Crimarizon.

Megan made this without being asked, and she did an amazing job. It is a complete surprise. I’m delighted – having wanted this structure at the sim ever since it opened last October.

If you enjoy Furillen, you will love this. And if you love this, please send a message of thanks to Megan.

I’ll be posting pictures of Megan’s build as and when you – and I – make them.

Furillen’s pool

pool 01_006

I’d been planning to leave the sim with the snow falling this summer, but changed the windlight setting and installed a pool instead.

L'hotel particulier

It’s well worth a visit, not least for the connoisseur’s collection of inflatables.

The Guardian of Furillen

There may be a pool party during the next week. Watch this space.

Boys boys boys