Images from Glastonbury

I mentioned the Glastonbury Festival in a recent post, emphasizing its scale. Here is a webcam that broadcasts live from the site all year round. The main (Pyramid) stage – currently being built – is more or less in left of centre of the camera’s arc.

The festival site is used as farmland for most of the year. For eleven months or so, the roof of the main stage looks like this …



… until being transformed, every June, into part of this …

Glastonbury Festival 2009 - Day 1

(The stage can be seen just up and to the right of centre in the above picture.)

This image shows how crowded it gets at the Pyramid Stage …


The Festival began in 1971, when the stage looked like this …



This film of Radiohead playing at the Fuji Rock Festival, Japan, in 2012, starts with a really awesome performance of Bloom. Play it loud …


Radiohead: The Works


radiohead the works poster 7

On this coming Friday, 17 June 2016, Radiohead finally release their new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, on CD and vinyl.

Being something of a Radiohead lover myself – who would have guessed it? – I thought that it would be appropriate to mark this event in some small way at Furillen.

So I’ll be streaming all of the band’s studio albums, in chronological order, as follows:

That’s 101 songs in total – a playlist lasting for 7 hours 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

I’ll begin the stream at midday SLT, and leave it to loop a few times over.

In addition, there will be a slide show of the artwork by Stanley Donwood that has been published so far in connection with this release, together with some rare old pictures of the band that I found recently.

The Daydreaming video will also be on show in the video room.

Just to be clear, this isn’t meant to be a big party or an event, but merely an opportunity for visitors to hear some of Radiohead’s music in a meaningful order. For anyone who really wants to engage with this music, listening to it like this is a quite a revelation.

taking a break from the snow

Visitors to the sim are divided about the snow. Some find it refreshing and atmospheric, others a bit depressing and laggy.

So let’s alternate.

If you prefer your Furillen sunny and dry, now’s your chance …

Furillen sunrise

Furillen At Its Best

INVITATION  - "Furillen At Its Best"

Mareea Farrasco has put together a really impressive collection of pictures that have been taken at Furillen since it first opened in October 2015. As you know, the sim has been blessed with an extraordinarily active and talented Flickr group, which now boasts over 6100 images in total.

Selecting from these wasn’t easy, but Mareea has done a great job.

The exhibition will be held at the IMAGO Art Gallery, starting with a party on Sunday 19 June at midday SLT. There will be a selection of music from past events at the sim, especially from Bowie, Radiohead, Abba, Prince, Grease and the disco night.

Talking of Radiohead, I have something small planned for this coming Friday, 17 June, at Furillen itself. Keep an eye out for details if you’re a Radiohead geek.

Burn My Shadow

We currently have a video featuring music by UNKLE and Thom Yorke playing at the sim. It’s called Rabbit In Your Headlights, and the video was directed by Jonathan Glazer.

Here is another awesome video featuring UNKLE’s music: a track from War Stories called Burn My Shadow. This one was directed by Miguel Sapochnik.

I would tell you to ‘watch right through until the end’, but I have a feeling that nobody who starts watching this will be able to look away …