Sigur Ros

This the set I really wanted to get to. And I did. I was right at the front.

There isn’t much I can say because this set has left me speechless. Technically it was astonishing. They use a three dimensional lighting space that literally surrounds the band and interacts with the music in ways I simply haven’t experienced before.

Pictures don’t do this justice, and I was too stunned to take many, but here are those I managed to snap …

As for the music, well here I’m going to struggle a bit. This is a set performed with such emotional intensity that it roots you to the spot and never lets you go.

The band begins inside a lighting cage, his high, piercing vocals filling the space with an ethereal sound of breathtaking beauty that still surprises even though you know it so well from recordings.

When they move forward and both sound and light open up, you can’t help but feel as though the entire space is expanding. Something similar happens right at the end, lifting the performance to an even higher plane.

These are two moments that can only be described as transcendent.


By the end, with his bow broken in two and part of the lighting rig kicked away during one of the loud passages in which – to put it mildly – the lead singer loses it, the microphone stand tumbles off the stage and the band almost melts away. They return only to acknowledge the now-hysterical crowd.

This was really special. These guys just kill it -like no other band I’ve seen.

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