‘Live From A Moon Shaped Pool’

Radiohead have announced an ‘event’ called Live From A Moon Shaped Pool, which will take place on 17 June – the day their new album gets released as a CD, and (incidentally) on Spotify. You’ll need to be at one of the participating record stores – see the list here – in order to catch an ‘exclusive day long audio stream’, get hold of ‘instructional artworks’ and take part in various competitions.

Radiohead watchers will know very well that the band are in Iceland that day at the Secret Solstice festival. The Reddit community is rife with speculation as to what exactly will take place in the record stores, what the band will be streaming, and from where.

Meanwhile, in other news, I’m off to catch Black Sabbath at Download today. It looks like being the end of the road for this band next year, so I may as well see them. As usual, before the headliners take the stage I’ll be mooching around the minor stages looking for gems. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Turbowolf again. I saw them once last year and loved them. Their lead singer, a deliciously camp, lanky guy with memorable facial hair and bizarre vocals called Chris Georgiadis, has a great stage diving technique, as you can see here …



Now how many other blog posts have you read that go from Radiohead through Black Sabbath to Turbowolf in three short paragraphs …

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