Furillen’s hotel rooms

The rooms of Furillen’s hotel are finished for the time being, Laura and I worked on them through the week and it’s been fun.

Here are some neutral pictures of each room to give you a taster. As ever, visitors will make their own – more imaginative – images, using different angles, light and some selective derendering.

We will change the rooms around whenever we feel like it, so catch them while you can.



Room 1: A Pelican In The Rain

Room 1 rain_001


Room 2: Where The Janitor Sleeps

Room 2 janitor_001


Room 3: Apple Tree

Room 4 apple_001


Room 4: Video Wall

Room 4 video room_001


Room 5: Lamp and Stones

Room 5 lamp and stones room_001


Room 6: Logs & TV

Room 6 tv room_001


Room 7: Bamboo

Room 7 bamboo room_001


Room 8: Reception (with tip jar!)

Room 8 reception_001


Room 9: Logs

Room 9 logs and chair_001


Room 10: Steps

Room 10 steps_001


Room 11: Birch

Room 11 birch_001


Room 12: Threads

Room 12 thread room_001


Room 13: Red Carpet

Room 14 red_001


Room 14: Lab Cat

Room 14 lab cat_001


Room 15: Tiles

Room 15 tiles_001


Room 16: Telephone

Room 16 telephone_001



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