Furillen update

Thanks to everyone who has visited the sim since it re-opened last weekend and welcomed it back inworld. It has been good to see old friends, and fun – as always – to meet new visitors.

Thanks especially to those who have donated $$ to its upkeep – if you enjoy the sim, giving just a little every time you visit is the best way to keep it going.

I’ve spent time this week decorating: bringing some things back as they were, while changing and renewing others. We’re all busy, so here are the main points:

  • the hotel rooms are quirkier than ever – Laura and I are sharing the work, and collaborating on some of the rooms, which will change on an ongoing basis;
  • there is a new gallery space in the south west corner – a wonderfully moody building that suits the sim, currently showing slides of the real Furillen;
  • the ferry is back, many people seem to have missed it;
  • bloggers, you can rez objects, there is a 15 minute auto return – if you have trouble rezzing it’s usually the snow, or mesh-on-mesh, just keep on trying;
  • inworld group – this does now exist (it’s called Furillen Redux), but you don’t need to be a member to rez objects, it is really just for announcements;
  • the future – there is no fixed plan, I’ll simply see how it goes.

That’s all.

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