waiting for Thom

Those who know me will be well aware that I have been anticipating seeing Radiohead for quite some time. It’s kind of hard work. Getting tickets for this tour is a real challenge, and I have several nights covered. Is it worth it? Sure it is, why not. These guys might not tour again, after all …

It’s not important, except to me I guess. It’s a personal thing.

(Before you ask, no – I didn’t pay over face value for a ticket. Not even once.)

I read a post on Reddit by a guy – poor fellow – who was at Saturday’s gig and can’t remember a thing about it. He wasn’t drunk or stoned. He was overwhelmed. Afterwards he felt bad about forgetting it all. Sympathetic commenters shared his pain, and advised him to go to as many gigs as he could – and to listen to bootlegs of the gig he did (not) attend – the gig that never happened.

I doubt I’ll get like this. I go to lots of gigs, I have learned to pace myself, to not tune in too early. Today I avoided standing outside for too long, nerding out with the fans. That really would fry me.

Instead I walked all day in Paris. From the Gare de Paris Nord to the Louvre, up to Monmartre and that fabulous view, then across to the Zenith in Parc de la Villette. All on foot.

I was listening to Radiohead most of that time, obviously.

And now I’m writing this, distracting myself, waiting for Thom …

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