they played …

… True Love Waits …

… which was absolutely stunning in this new version (a live debut tonight) …

… and they also played …

… Creep.

Yes. Creep.

The first time since 2009.

They hate that song.

Yet Thom really nailed it, this totally wasn’t just a play through.

And Paris went wild. Really. Even Paris …

And then they finished with Pyramid Song …

… making this the setlist of the tour so far.

Other highlights:

  • A performance of Daydreaming that was so delicate one didn’t want to breathe;
  • A tight, powerful Ful Stop;
  • A mid set section of Lotus Flower, My Iron Lung, The National Anthem and No Surprises (tour debut for the latter) that left one speechless;
  • A “happy birthday” to Phil Selway (49 today);
  • A singalong Everything In Its Right Place (is that even a thing?);
  • A raucous, insanely tight rendition of Bodysnatchers;
  • And the awesome Arpeggi.

But in truth, every single song was a highlight.

I loved watching Jonny Greenwood, who spends much of the set making wonderful sounds in strange ways (e.g. a bow on an electric guitar – twice).

As for Thom – his voice is spot on, he seems on top of his game, he is full of swagger, and he dances like a man possessed.

The other thing that struck me is how much this band’s sound can change from one song to the next, they are incredibly versatile.

They play in Paris again tomorrow, before beginning a three night London run on Thursday.

I will be there on Thursday.

3 Replies to “they played …”

  1. The set list (barring “Creep” – just not a fan of that song) sounds extraordinary! I’ve always wished to hear “No Surprises” live, and of course, “True Love Waits”. So amazing that it’s finally on an album!

    At the last show i went to, the crowd sang along to “Idiotheque” and it was one of the most intense moments of my life. Does that sound mad? Because it felt like soaring. ♥

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    1. Creep has such a strong presence in their history – their label miked it, against the band’s longer term interests, and the song itself was a bit of an after-thought, as was the recording (done more or less in one take during a break from the ‘real’ work they were doing in the studio for Pablo Honey). And yet … given everything they had said about the song; given that Thom had teased fans who called out for it during Saturday’s Amsterdam show; given that on the ‘official’ printed set list for the Paris show – I’ll post a picture of it when I get back to my PC – they were due to play Just rather than Creep; and given that we all thought (perhaps along with the band members themselves) that Radiohead would ‘never’ perform Creep again live – well, something clearly happened during the set, this was a total surprise … and their performance of it was absolutely electrifying).
      TLW was wonderful … again, totally unexpected, it was assumed that the song was just too raw for Thom given his private circumstances … and again, this is how it came across.
      I can well imagine what you say about Idioteque!
      It was an intense evening, I could barely sleep afterwards.

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