something happened

Today’s mystery picture from Radiohead is another street scene …


radiohead street scene france


Again, there is that strange light sphere.

And, again, there is a caption: ‘something happened’.

And so …?

Some great sleuthing by a member of the Radiohead reddit community traced this particular image – via Google streetview – to Arles in France, where Radiohead performed on 13 June 2000.


arles streetview


Here is the setlist for that gig.


arles set list


I like this evocative review of the gig by Ken Gilmour:

This was the first time I’d ever seen Radiohead, and guess what? It was in an old ampitheatre in a historic town which Vincent Van Gogh used to live in. It was the first time many of us had heard their new material. It rained and rained just before the open-air show – the photographers went wild – and the atmosphere was fresh, intense, invigorating, ecstatic and liberating.


arles ampitheatre


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