you are lost

Radiohead’s Instagram account has featured new artwork for the past few days. Until now, each picture was by Stanley Donwood …


Radiohead instagram


radiohead green


radiohead pink


These are all quite consistent, and may well be included in the ‘book’ of artwork the band are releasing in September.

Today’s image, however, is rather different …


radiohead you are lost


This clearly isn’t a Donwood artwork. And unlike the other images, it comes with a caption – ‘you are lost’. Notice the massive light sphere appearing from around the corner. Is it a moon? A sun?

What could it mean? ‘Fuck knows’, as Thom Yorke once said poetically in answer to an entirely different question. However, as ever, the Radiohead reddit community – along with other media outlets – is rife with speculation. Theories include:

  1. they are teasing a new album – LP10 – which (unlike A Moon Shaped Pool) would contain all new material;
  2. they are teasing a new video, perhaps for The Present Tense (‘In you I’m lost’) or Spectre (‘I’m lost, I’m a ghost’);
  3. they are teasing the tour, which begins in Amsterdam this Friday, 20 May; or
  4. they are just teasing, as in ‘taking the piss’.

Personally, I waver between 2 and 3, while regarding 4 as a given – always.

As for 1, it doesn’t bear thinking about …

yrke gif

Meanwhile, my tickets for their London gig next Thursday (26 May) arrived today. I’ll also be seeing them in Paris on Monday (23 May).

I haven’t commented on A Moon Shaped Pool yet on this blog. Unlike the reviewer from the UK’s Guardian newspaper who posted his review of the album just two hours and forty-seven minutes after it had been released – and seemed to regret it soon after, if his Twitter feed is anything to go by – I am taking my time.

Or I might just be lost …

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