Corey Taylor acoustic set

Just as Radiohead’s new album was dropping on Sunday, I was filing into Camden Town’s wonderful Koko to hear a very rare acoustic performance by Slipknot’s Cory Taylor. It was an intense three-hour set, in which – after answering questions for about half an hour – he played …

  1. (Van Morrison cover)
  2. (Stone Sour song)
  3. (Grateful Dead cover)
  4. (Slipknot song)
  5. (Stone Sour song)
  6. (KISS cover) (with Christian Martucci)
  7. (R.E.M. cover) (with Christian Martucci)
  8. The Conflagration
  9. (Eagles cover) (with Christian Martucci) (preceded by Free Bird tease)
  10. (Slipknot song) (preceded by Never Gonna Give You Up tease)

Koko is a great venue – holding just over 1400, it was once a theatre, with a standing area surrounded by three tiers of standing-only balconies.


As for Corey, not only was it great seeing the man behind the mask, but you could not fail to be impressed by his musical range, the quality of his voice, and the level of his commitment. For around three quarters of the set he was joined by the Stone Sour guitarist Christian Martucci.

Most of the set was really a singalong, and it was good enough to stop me itching for a listen to Radiohead’s new album.

Here are some videos taken during the set (although not by me) …





By way of a contrast, the night before I was about a mile or so up the road from Koko at the O2 Forum, listening to Melanie Martinez. She’s gotten pretty big since being eliminated from The Voice in the US, releasing an album – Cry Baby – last year which did well in the charts.

There is no way I would usually listen to a singer like Martinez – she’s too ‘pop’ for my taste – but I’m pleased my daughter dragged me along to witness this weird, uber-ironic take on childhood. Martinez has something of a horror movie vibe about her – almost in the tradition of the scary doll from movies such as The Conjuring. I’m intrigued to see what she comes out with next.

This is how she looked and sounded …


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