Radiohead’s Daydreaming – backwards singing

Anyone listening to the new Radiohead song – and watching the video – is likely to be struck by the ending, in which Thom Yorke seems to be singing in a different language, on a different register, in a different world … or something.

The passage in question is around 5.51 …



The written lyrics for the song currently being disseminated online are rendering this in two ways. Either …

Evol ym dnuof ev’I

which, rendered backwards, is …

I found my love

or …

Efil ym fo flaH

which, rendered backwards, is …

Half of my life


Here is the passage again, actually played backwards …



I’m hearing ‘I found my love’ … but it could be something else.

Either way … what a beautiful, beautiful song.

4 Replies to “Radiohead’s Daydreaming – backwards singing”

  1. Thanks for sharing that. Thoms works are poetic and very layered. I suppose we all hear what we want to hear and that is part of the fun of art. You get the impression while he is both happy to serve his audience while at the same time he is tired. All the representing obstacles and challenges in life or more deeper, the many layers of reality and back room structures that give us various realities… his ultimate escape into a cave can be anyone’s freedom.

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  2. At the end of the song Thom has layered his voice. I will post the actual lyrics a as they are performed a little bit later today. I just found out about this and it sort of blew my mind…


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